Friday, July 23, 2010

{Vacation Knitting}

In a little over a week Mr. Pie and I will be headed home to this place:

Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

From where I am now that means a four hour car ride, 7 hours in two different planes (with an hour layover in between) and then another hour and a half in a car once I've landed.  Then the same a week later, only backwards. What does this mean?  I LOT of knitting time!  The paper dolls sweater is looking like it'll be complete before I leave, so I'm thinking ahead now to what I should be casting on for the trip. 

I realize socks are the classic choice, preferred for their portability and their non-fussiness.  I even have a pair of socks on the needles, but I'm worried that two circulars will be awkward while traveling, that my knit picks needles may be confiscated (even though says they're fine...) and that the ribbing won't be interesting enough to keep me engaged and occupy my brain.

Here's a few options on the short list of possibilities.

pros: super cute, it's a free pattern, and I already have the yarn that's called for! Between the lace and the shaping I think would occupy the brain just fine. (why aren't there more people making this project? it's super cute!)
cons: pieces will be annoying, I'm sure. 

pros: also free, super cute and wearable (come winter), I have some malabrigo in a chocolate colour that's gonna be perfect for this. a very manageable size.
cons: I'll probably be done before we land in Vancouver. lol Wait... is that a con?

pros: I would finish the socks I have first, and then maybe start on something more complex? definitely portable. This pattern is free, or I could bring either of my two sock books with me, I definitely have some sock yarn I could use.
cons: balancing a book or pattern on my knee in the air plane, the fussiness of the needles, as I stated before.

pros: small, interesting, portable, but complicated enough that I might stay interested.  I have some noro that's REALLY bright, but might work nice against some white for a little fake-isle knitting. This pattern has been in my favorites forever, too.
cons: charts, two balls of yarn, two sizes of tiny needles, getting me back to the problem with the socks.

So yeah, you can see I'm kinda torn about this.  I would LOVE to hear your ideas, experiences and wisdom!


  1. Huh, I really have very little experience with travel knitting. On one quite long train trip I worked on Ysolda's Rose Red, for which you have to be looking at the chart most of the time, but it was quite logical and easy to follow (if not necessarily remember), and it was super-interesting. Not free, but definitely worth the money!

  2. I've been eyeing that Selbu Modern pattern for awhile now, too, but I think all that counting in the colorwork would drive me nuts on a trip. These days I love traveling with simple lace shawls. Lots of stitches so I don't run out of project, but little space in the suitcase. What about a Wisp or a River shawl? I've made both of these free patterns and bet after the first few repeats you won't have to think or count much. That way you can talk and visit while you knit (or put it down and pick it up again easily when the person in the window seat insists on getting up, etc). Whatever you pick, safe travels!

  3. I vote for number 1.
    I really do like the look of the top - especially if you think it's something you'll wear. I'm guessing the pattern is easy to memorize and yet, like you said, keep your mind busy enough.
    Safe Travels!

  4. So many choices! Deciding on the knitting is the hardest part of traveling to me.

  5. I would take the smallest amount of gear as the active part of the project - one set of needles, one ball of yarn, photocopied pattern. So, I guess I'd vote for the neckwarmer and make a second one for a friend.

  6. I have never, ever had any luck with socks taken on the road to be finished. My advice is to find your favorite yarn --- either color or feel --- and a pattern to fit it. That way, you won't get tired of what you're working with.

  7. Oh, I bet you're excited! My parents just came back from B.C. and they LOVED it! I like the fair isle hat to take along. I think you're is interesting AND portable.

  8. I'm still sold on socks for traveling. I fly a lot so I know your needles are safe!

    Another idea is the shawl Citron, which uses light-as-a-feather Malabrigo lace. I did mine without any counting; with all that rusching, precision is not important!

  9. I don't have any experience with knitting but maybe the little neck scarf? That way if you finish it on your way up you can use it while your on your vacation!

  10. SO excited that you visited my little ol' blog! I've been finding great inspiration from yours.

    As for the hunks --- we're about to start our 3rd Annual Knitters' Hunk contest, and I'm just trying to whet the whistle a little bit. You should play along; it's great fun!