Tuesday, July 27, 2010

{The To Do List Is Going Down!!}

I knocked two more items off the list yesterday!!

The Paper Dolls Sweater was cast off yesterday and I grafted the underarms and did a lot of weaving in ends.

I'm not sure I'm 100% okay with it.  I like the colours I chose and the pattern is an easy one to follow, for sure.  It didn't stop me from screwing up the decreases on the neck. lol  I tried to do continental for the knitting and my usual English for the purling and consequently, my tension in the yoke wasn't very even.  Also, I'm pretty sure it's not going to fit it's intended recipient.  We'll know for sure when I go home for my visit.  If it doesn't, there's another little girl who will be happy to get it for Christmas, I'm sure. :)

And of course the bag pieces that I cut out when I made the first bag.  I knew I would make two so I just cut out twice the fabric pieces.  Then they sat.  Silly right?  So last night I just did it.

 I wanted the second version to be the more sophisticated older sister of the first trial bag, and there were definitely some mistakes that I didn't want to repeat.  The bulky seams for instance. But then I made some new mistakes (of course!).  I tried to avoid turning under seams and creating extra bulk that way, but I ended up with a mess on the inside of the bag.

This one is lined too, where the first one wasn't, so I guess it's a trade off.  It looks nice from the outside, though. :)

So, the list, yet again.

1. Accounting Class
2. Icarus Shawl
3. Zen Cable Socks
4. My First Quilt - Top is done! (can I cross this one off if my part is done?)
5. Paper Dolls Sweater
6. Mary Poppins Scarf -I just need to mail this one!
7. Wrap Skirt Experiment- ugh.  I see giving up in my future here. lol
8. Blue and Yellow Bag
9. Modern Log Cabin Blanket
10. Hey Teach


  1. I'm so jealous! I can't seem to finish anything!

  2. Congratulations on knocking 'em down and out! I'm so impressed with your knitting. It makes me want to learn how to do this. Alas, I must dig out of my sewing room before I can begin something new. Thanks for sharing. Happy Crafting! :o)


  3. Your list getting shorter somehow seems to make my list get longer..
    The sweater is adorable!

  4. Congratulations on two finished projects. That always feels so great! The paper doll sweater is so cute! I love the colors you chose. I like the bag too. The fabrics are so pretty. Have fun with the rest of your list. :-)

    P.S. I love the borders on your blog!

  5. That sweater is super cute! So, does this count as you joining the challenge, because it looks like you already have a head start! I will add you to the list, lol. Great blog by the way.

  6. Congrats on your finished object. That sweater is totally cute for a little girl! And even though you think you made some mistakes with the bag, I still think it looks great.
    Also it looks like you might have to update your list with some more things to do :)

  7. If the top is done, and you say "quilt top" in your list, then, yes, you can cross it off. I give you permission.