Monday, July 5, 2010

{Sewing Excursions}

I think of my current sewing projects as more of an excursion or a journey because I don't really seem to know what my destination is when I start.  Just like how I once chose knitting projects that had one skill that I wanted to learn, I'm challenging myself with sewing projects that have one element I haven't done yet.

Today that one element was a box bottom for a bag - I just think they are so much more practical than a bag with pointy corners.  I used a bag I saw online as an inspiration, plus some heavy printed canvas material that was in my (very tiny) fabric stash, and then just started cutting!  I had to finally find a you tube video to show me where to sew to form the boxy corners. hehe

And here's my finished object!

It's a reversible bag!   There are about a million things I'd change when I do my next one.  I'd make the whole thing shorter and then make wider bottom, I'd make longer and wider handles, and I'd sew the pockets on BEFORE sewing the bag together. lol  And oh yeah, I'm still working on the whole "sewing straight" thing. Pfft.

My favorite thing that I did though was the hand embroidery on the white pocket that mimics the leaf detail (top image). It's a nice size for carrying books or magazines for maybe a small overnight bag or beach bag. The thing I like about the reversible bag is that there is always one pocket inside and one pocket outside!

I've already finished a second bag in the same fabrics too, just a totally different shape.  I'll show you that one tomorrow!


  1. You are so clever! I love how it is reversible with the pockets in and out! The colors are great too

  2. That looks really nice and I'm now motivated to do some sewing tomorrow :)

  3. Wow- it's really great!!!! I'm proud of you!


  4. It's adorable and I so love the colors you chose. Perfect! AND, I agree... totes should have a flat bottom, who wants one that won't support itself? Certainly not me.


  5. Nice bag. I love the embroidery on the pocket. I bought some stamps to do embroidery on tea towels You've inspired me!

  6. Ahhh! I love it!
    I just go a machine, so me & you can experiment sewing together!

    The embroidery is a very nice touch!

  7. Kewl! Love the beachy color scheme.

  8. That is really pretty and looks very practical.