Friday, July 9, 2010

{Now I Know I'm Crazy}

I'm done teetering.  I think I've just fallen off the edge.  This summer I just seem to have a voracious appetite for all things crafty.  If you remember not too long ago I decided to try stenciling (loved it). I thought that it's maybe just ONE other thing.  That's not too bad, right? 

Then embroidery snuck up on me and made me love IT too!  Now I'm kind of obsessed with making these, in linen like shown, but in red and green thread for Christmas tree ornaments:

THEN I get my sewing machine from my Mr. Pie as a birthday gift.  I started small and played with bags and such.  You've seen those already.  I didn't ask for a sewing machine to sew bags with... I had in a teeny place in the back of my mind that I might someday want to QUILT.  

I see these gorgeous, modern, beautiful quilts around places and just think it would be amazing to have hand made quilts around the house. Not the fussy kind made of lots of teeny pieces and pastel colours!  I like the bold quilts with large motif.  Something like this to start, maybe?

And of course, graduating to other more complicated patterns once I have a handle on these.  I LOVE the idea of giving quilts as gifts!  They won't be in fancy quilt-store quality fabrics or anything, but that's okay.  I would want them to be used and loved, not to be hung on walls or something, ya know?  

But that's not the end of this new crafty-spaz I'm having.  I'm also thinking I want to make my own soap.  Not that weird melt in the microwave stuff, but seriously like Lye and Fat together (The Cold Pour method) with other neato organic add ins and VOILA! Soap!   I'm inspired by this Etsy Store here:

I've been spending a LOT of time blog surfing looking at different quilting blogs and soap making blogs.  The soap making I think is going to be a pretty big start up cost because you pretty much have to buy the fats by the 5 gallon tub, and the essential oils and things are pretty pricey.  Not to mention we have to find lye somewhere local because you can't get it shipped. lol  The hardware store carries 100% lye for cleaning out a kitchen drain... wonder if it's the same stuff?  I figure all the other instruments I'll need I should probably pick up from garage sales... things like a stick mixer and a plastic bowl dedicated to the soaps and such. *sigh* :)

Not to mention I have three (count 'em THREE) Christmas projects on the needles right now.  How in the world am I going to handle this once I'm back at school? Who's with me in this schizophrenic crafting spree?  I want to do it ALL! It's like I have crafty-A.D.D!

Has anyone tried any of the above techniques and would like to impart some wisdom? or point me to a great website to help me get started? :)


  1. Um, yeah, I'm right with you. I think you are developing what is known as a full blown addiction. And there really is no cure. Not that you would want one. The only thing you can do is manage the addiction. Take it day by day, craft by craft. My "gateway drug" was quilting. I dabbled in crochet and card making. Got into the "hard stuff" - knitting. It all fell apart there. I get totally triggered when I read your blog and then I go out and buy all sorts of stuff - bag patterns, embroidery stuff and then I make a Christmas list that is a mile long of things I want to make. I'm holding you - yes, you - partially responsible for this.

  2. Have you ever talked to Rebecca at the Soap Deli? She is here in Roanoke and sells lots of her soap at a local downtown store, online, and also at their tatoo shop in Daleville. She's a sweetie. Here is the link to her blog, and she can also be found on Facebook. Good luck!


  3. your post made me smile. it sounds like you've got a lot of crafty-crazy going on. i've been mostly knitting, with a tiny bit of spinning and i am going today to a free crochet class at my local library. it's fiber overload. good luck with keeping up, i love your embroidery.

  4. I just found your blog on ravelry, and really like what I see, so I'll be back :)

    And this sounds a lot like me. I just want to try everything!

  5. Do not use the LYE from the Drano or stores. I used to make soaps and can no longer make any now due to health reasons. I would recommend you check with GloryBee for the supplies you need for soapmaking. This is the link:{ts_2010-07-10_10:02:11}-530720

    There used to be a Yahoo group as well that I belonged to but isn't there anymore. However I found one for you that you might be interested in.

    I no longer have anything left from my soapmaking days but I hope I was able to help somewhat.

  6. Yep and yep!
    Last christmas I gave only handmade gifts to my closest friends. They got a variety and I'm afraid it's going to happen again this year! The soap has crossed my mind for this year.

    Please share what you find out about it, or at least your final product! :)