Thursday, July 15, 2010

{ALL the Current Works In Progress... }

So I think I've figured out why the posting here has been lighter as of late.  First off let me tell you this: it's not from lack of time.  Heaven knows that with summer here, no job, and just the one class I have nothing but time on my hands.  I've been keeping pretty regimented about going to the gym every day, and with changing and commute time that's usually takes about two hours.  Then the class usually takes up 4 hours or so during the day, usually in spurts... but it's like the stress of the dang class is worse than the actual work.  It's a LOT to learn in such a short amount of time and if I don't "get" the material right away, I get frustrated and walk away and I procrastinate going back. 

This seems to lead to startitis.  During this procrastination period I don't really do much of anything of use. Because doing something of use means I'm NOT doing the school work I should be doing. lol Sitting having a cup of coffee and blog surfing... well... that's just "Taking a break." For two hours. lol  I know it makes no sense.  So today I am listing all my works in progress as a way of making me face up to them all!  I think they are stressing me out as much as the class is!  I hate having so much unfinished laying around me. 

So, on my list of WIP's I'm going to put my Accounting Class as #1.

1) Accounting Class.  I have two more weeks to finish 4 chapters of material, including discussion questions, online long answers, and then the quiz for each.  The third week will be the week before I leave on vacation and it will be for preparing for the Final Exam.

2) Icarus Shawl

Three. Rows. Left.  Then cast off, then blocking.  I can not TELL you how excited I am.

2) Zen Cabled Sock (modeled after the Zen Mock Cable Sock)

I haven't done anything more on these since you saw them last, but I did manage to split apart the yarn roughly in half.  I don't *think* these will end up being a Christmas present, unless I can think of someone who wants some crazy hand knit socks.  These may languish for a while until then.

3) My First Quilt

I'm getting antsy on this one because I want to see it done, dammit!  Those are all the strips piled together as you saw before and then the pile of the other scrap fabric.  I have a bunch of odds and ends in that grey/green you see on top which I may try to piece together to make a small border.  It's more canvasy though ... can you use canvas?  I want to make some fun blocks for the backing out of the fabric that's left.  I need to get some solid colour fabrics for at least one more border and the backing, then I found a lady who will machine quilt the top for me for 1 cent per square inch!  Can't beat that.  I'm not ready to tackle the free-motion quilting thing yet.  I still haven't figured out how to change the foot on my machine! lol

4) Paper Dolls Sweater

I cast this one on during the doctor's visit last week. Remember I bitched about mentioned the i-cord cast on? hehe  It's moving along fairly well in the size 2 version, which I hope will be big enough come Christmas time for the little girl I have in mind for it.

5) Mary Poppins' Scarf

This is for Chris's niece's Halloween costume.  It's done, I just need to weave in the ends and get it in the mail to my sister-in-law!

7) Wrap Skirt Experiment

So after trying to find a pattern for a wrap skirt that would work with this fabric, I just took the plunge and starting cutting.  I've got the bias tape around the top pinned in and ready to sew, and I have that cute eyelet lace ready to become a small frill at the bottom. I have no idea if it's going to work and/or be wearable in the end.  We'll see.

8) (this is getting depressing. lol) Blue and Yellow Bag

Pieces are all cut, just need to be sewn.  Not sure I even remember how I did the first one. lol

9) Modern Log Cabin Blanket

I've been working on this one since New Years Day folks.  It's terrible! lol  Yet again the colours are totally off.  My friend Hope can attest, it's actually a pretty shade of dark purple, taupe, light purple and white.   I need to pay a little more attention to this one if I want it to be a Christmas gift too.

10)  Hey Teach Cardigan  (seriously??? 10???)

Does anyone even remember this one? I had to dig it out.  This is the entire back, I have both arms done and JUST need to do the fronts. Seriously.

So that's it I think.  I dug WAY in to the corners to get some of these out to put them on the list.  I would love to finish them all before School starts back in on September 1st.   Hopefully I'll have some FOs to show you soon!!


  1. wow - you are nuts. ;)
    just keep plugging away.
    way to go on keeping up with the gym thing too. :)

  2. Ooooo, I love that paper dolls sweater. I wonder if I can size it down for my daughter? We are going to need some sweaters for next winter after our move. That would be perfect.
    Love all the rest of the WIPS.

  3. The Icarus is beautiful! Those last three rows are loooong ones, aren't they? I can't wait to see it all blocked. Good luck with all these WIPs (and your course).

  4. Can't wait to see the Icarus completed!


  5. I love the icarus :)

  6. I also have many WIPs. I love starting new things, but have problems finishing. I get bored easily and then move on to a new project. Nothing necessarily wrong with that. But, I understand your stress. I'm also trying to be a better finisher. Good luck on all of your projects (especially school!)

  7. heh, maybe we should start calling you "Heather"? *grins