Tuesday, July 6, 2010

{Inspiration Fast and Furious}

I've been half-assing it on my blog lately and I apologize! It's just that inspiration to do creative things has been taking me fast and furious and I'm barely able to keep up!   I didn't even draw names for my 100 Follower Giveaway on the 4th like I said I would!  Just to make this totally and completely fair, if this whole giveaway thing is news to you...

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I've been very distracted.  There's a totally new, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants sewing venture that's in the works right now.  I cast on a new sweater this morning and I've been seriously researching ANOTHER new crafty obsession that may come to fruition.

But then there's these bags! The reversible one I showed you yesterday came together in about two days and then this one I'm about to show you was conceived, planned, cut and sewn all in one day.

This bag reminds me of my sister.  Yellow is her favorite colour and I believe that blue like this is second on her list.  It's a fun and energetic bag, like my sister, but still totally functional, like what she needs with two kids and a baby.  The pleating was the new skill that I tried out with this one and they totally worked. I adore it!  It's not 100% perfect though, as I did make a pretty critical error right at the end.  It's also not lined, but the fabric is the same canvasy type that I used in the last bag that's heavy enough to stand alone.  I made the handles longer and wider and I'm much happier with them than I am with the last ones.

The inside:

I have the contents of my next Christmas sweater projects in here for the photo.  I totally didn't carry it to the doctor's office or anything.  Muwahahaha.  If Meli likes this bag I have enough fabric to make her another one.  And this time I'd probably set in the handles before the very last step so I don't have to fight with the bag and the sewing machine to sew over the gigantic side seams.

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  1. Cute bag! I really like it.

  2. That is a totally awesome bag! I love it :) All it needs, to make it really practical is something (a snap or velcro) to close the top of it a little, and a small pocket for the cell phone *grins* You go, grrl!!


  3. I love that bag! I wish I could get into sewing.

  4. Wow-wee! You are really taking off on that sewing machine--GREAT JOB!!

  5. Good job on the bag!! You are making me want to pull my sewing machine out to try and make one!

  6. Very nice bag. I'm not that great at sewing - even though I've done a ton of quilting. There is a BIG difference in the kind of sewing you have to do in those two crafts. I bought some bag patterns at JoAnn's tonight since you have inspired me by your beautiful bags! Just wondering if you follow a pattern yourself or if the designs come out of your creative brain...

  7. This is REALLY cute! When I get past my "obligation" quilts, I've got some bag patterns poking up in the sewing room, hollering my name. These pictures are reminding me how much fun it is to work with quick projects...

  8. I LOVE the bag Sarie! thanks for the "big bottom and practical" referrence btw. Pffft! :D