Thursday, July 29, 2010

{The ENTIRE To Do List}

You guys know that we're leaving on vacation in two days.  TWO DAYS! I'm very excited.  It's times like these I become a nutso with to-do lists.   To keep me honest, here's what I have to do before I go:

1. Pack
2. Laundry, including sheets (for a clean bed when we get home!)
3. Get Mr. Pie to try on his dress clothes, see if they need pressed and/or dry cleaned
4. Clean out the refrigerator
5. Cut and Marinate the beef
6. Dry said jerky
7. Ball up a bunch of cashmerino for Nympheus, print out the pattern
8. Paint and put in the mail the Niddy Noddy for Liz
9. Get the scarf in the mail for my sister in law

10. Make appointment for an oil change
11. Drop off library books
12. Clean the bathroom 
13. Meet with our cat sitter
14. Pay rent
15. Clear all the trash/compost out of the house and kitchen
16. Pack the passports and the green card.  This one's a biggie!!
17. final dishes/ cleanup
18. change the kitty litter and feed Popeye

I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting. Ugh. lol

edited at: 12:15 on thursday.  added more, crossed some off. Does that put me ahead or behind?
edited at 5:30: bunch more stuff crossed off! yay!
edited: 11am Friday: Weeeeeeeeee! Almost done!!


  1. You are so organized. I always forget stuff when I go away on trips. I went to mexico one time on a cruise and forgot my passport, but they let me board anyway! I wish I could be more organized!

  2. I never seem to be near paper and pen when I think of something for my to do list. :-/