Saturday, June 12, 2010

{A Saturday Morning Hike}

This morning Mr. Pie and I visited our friendly local State Park, Douthat  (pronounce Dowth-at).  We did about a 3 mile hike and then had a small lunch picnic just as the thunder storms were moving in.  Our timing was impeccable!

We met a friendly turtle.  Isn't his shell gorgeous?

And a pretty caterpillar.

We kissed under the leafy canopy.

While admiring the serenity.

GREAT start to the weekend.  What have you guys been up to? :)


  1. Pretty turtle. Glad you got to enjoy the day! I KIP'd with a fellow Raveler to celebrate WWKIP day.

  2. Aw, how sweet! I've been working at the library...boring!

  3. Nice! I haven't been to Douthat in years. I love what you did with the embroidered lady.

  4. We have had a box turtle living in our backyard for a while this summer. He sort of always hangs out in the same vicinity of our property from week to week. Guess he likes us.


  5. I was waiting for you and Mr. Pie *grins*