Thursday, June 24, 2010

{I Got Flowers!}

No Particular reason, other than I have the greatest man ever. :)  He just woke up this morning and thought, "I'm going to get my girl some flowers today."

*SWOON!*  Aren't they pretty? Just a great summer bouquet.

That's another kitty, not Popeye, sniffing my flowers. Her name is Girl Cat. She adopted us, I'm afraid, and we were out of creativity for names. lol  She came to us as a kitten and then well... she grew up and we found out she wasn't a girl. We decided she had a girly spirit though, (and Boy Cat just sounded stupid) so she was gender reassigned. hehehe


  1. How cute that you kept his girly name! I doubt he minds.


  2. What pretty flowers! Are you familiar with (sp?) You've got a basement cat *and* a ceiling cat! lol

  3. Nice of your guy to get such cheerful flowers for you!!