Friday, June 11, 2010

{Another Bag and some Progress Shots}

I thought you might be interested to know where the beautiful embroidered lady from yesterday ended up:

She's on the pocket of my next market bag!  I sold the first of my bags today at the Farmer's Market.  Or more accurately, my friend Robin sold it out of her booth for me! She said she's excited to have something else to have for her customers.  How cool is that??  I hope this little girl goes to a good home!  I love that this bag has a pocket for coupons or your cell while you're shopping.

But dudes.  These handles are a B**** to sew. lol  I'm going to have to find another method soon!! They take me longer to do than the whole rest of the dang bag!  That just ain't right. lol

And an update on the Icarus Shawl I've been knitting as a Christmas Gift for a lovely lady whom I'm fairly sure doesn't read the blog. hehe

I am loving LOVING this colour way.  There's going to be something for me in this yarn in the near future!! The camera makes it look slightly pinker than it is.  The true colour is more of a rust.  LOVE it.


  1. I loved my icarus shawl. My mother stole it. It was made out of the malabrigo laceweight.

    Gorgeous lady.

  2. I'm not sure I'd have been able to part with that bag!

    The Icarus is looking lovely. :-)

  3. I love that bag and the shawl looks great!

  4. I have a hibernating Icarus. I never used a lifeline. Figured I didn't have to while I was at the "easy" charts. Don't make my mistake! Use lifelines. Use them all the time. I now have to unknit 11 rows to fix some mistakes. Hence, the hibernating project.
    I looooooove your colorway on your Icarus.

  5. Great job on the bag. I cant believe you want to part with it!! The colorway is sooo pretty on the Icarus!

  6. Your skills are just blossoming right in front of us! Good on ya!

  7. I love your bag! Great idea to sell them at the farmers market.

  8. Congratulations on selling your work!