Tuesday, June 22, 2010

{Keeping Busy}

The summer swing of things has certainly settled in, and that's not to say that it's a slow pace.  I've had plenty to keep me busy!


My first accounting class.  I'm doing this one independent study over the summer, meaning I don't have to go to classes, but I still have to take the tests and turn in homework the same as a normal class only without the lectures to help me out.  Oh yeah, and I have to finish it in 7 weeks instead of the typical 15 we get during the fall or spring. lol

The Gym

 I've been trying to get to the gym 5 days a week and I've been fairly successful thus far.  If I can just make it a habit then I'm less likely to get lazy or lose motivation.  I've been running on the treadmill, doing circuit training, weight training, group classes, swimming... anything to keep me interested so I can trim down a bit. It's working so far, I'm down about 7 pounds in the month I've been working at it.


This Malabrigo Worsted is a DREAM to knit with.  I've really been enjoying this scarf that will be for a Christmas gift.  It's two sided with three cables on one side and the two on the other.  It's repetitive so I watch movies and whatnot while I'm doing it.  I'm at about 30 inches or so at the moment and aiming for 50 inches - does that seem about right for a man's scarf?

The Icarus is not sitting idle either.  I'm two rows shy of completing chart 2 and moving on to chart 3.  


Mr.Pie has been working long hours at his new position while he's training, which could go on until nearly Christmas time. Ugh.  I'm doing what I can to keep the house tidy, the laundry done, the meals cooked for him when he gets home so that our time together is the best it can be.  Oh lord... does that sound domestic or what?  I don't mind it though. :)

What has been keeping you guys busy this summer? :) 


  1. You are a busy woman!
    I suppose I'm trying to do almost the same! I'm not in school (I do have my AAS in accounting though if u need help w/homework ;) ) but I have a newly walking 16 monthold instead that keeps me just as busy as homework did! LOL
    Don't forget to enjoy your summer!

  2. I have been working a lot, planning birthdays (Alora's June 16th, Fathers day June 20th,mine July 5th, Ashely's July 11th, Kerry's July 12th, Dad's July 24th and Angelina's July 28th) AAAAAAHHH! LOL as well as working out in the mornings again, which is nice (exceot for weekends for some reason) and then keeping up with my crazy active 1 year old. She is SOOO cute sarie!! I can't wait for you guys to come down and meet her! (even tho you already kind of have Sarie) :D

  3. Wow...you got it goin' on!

  4. I think that having a lot going on is a sign of intelligence, curiosity, and creativity! As for the length of the scarf, I'm a great believer in draping a tape measure around myself and loosening it up, flipping it around, making like a shawl, etc. After a while, you'll see where the best length is. (okay, and I have a ten-foot sewing tape measure - 120 inches of play) The cables are BEE-yoo-tiful!

  5. Congrats on the 7 lbs!!! I have been trying to work out as well but it needs to become a habit for me to keep with it.

    Also, I really like your scarf!

  6. heh, you *know* what's been keeping me busy ~grins

    I'll call you in the morning!

  7. Good luck with your class! I've been told that a good rule of thumb for scarves is to knit it as long as the person's height...but that is a terrible idea when said person is over 4 feet tall. I think 50 inches is plenty.

  8. I may have found some of the pounds you lost. If you want them back, let me know, k? Your scarf looks lovely. I have decided to do a "handmade holiday" for Christmas this year and my projects for that will start on 7/1/10 - my first day of a short vacation from my job. I picked up a ridiculous amount of Dream in Color Classy tonight so that I will have yarn for hats and fingerless gloves and such. Other than that, I am trying to do more self care things - getting more sleep, getting more exercise, cooking more, quilting and knitting more. That is what is keeping me busy these days.