Sunday, December 27, 2009

{These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things}

I got so SO much cool stuff for Christmas, but the overall theme was definitely"knitting!"

There were:

three awesome knitting books: Stith 'n Bitch, The Knitter's Handy book of Patterns, and Knitting Without Tears from friends and Mr. Pie (I'll review any or all of these later if anyone is interested, or maybe even if you aren't. :P )

some really cool buttons made out of antlers from my mom:

Knit Picks knitting chart keeper:

Knit Picks blocking mats:

and... (drum roll please) Knit Picks Harmony Interchangeables!! YAY!!

I am one contented knitter!! :D I pretty much can't think of any other tools I'll need in my knitting career that I don't have now!


  1. *sigh* You are so lucky to have people who understand knitting stuff. I asked for interchangeable needles for Christmas and got an external harddrive. :-P

  2. Those buttons are so pretty!! I wouldn't even know where to look for buttons made from antler. Very Christmas appropriate too!
    I shall look forward to seeing which projects they end up on!

  3. Ohh....the needles are beautiful!! I may need to buy myself a late present!

  4. Krista - the needles are still on sale until the new year, I think! :)

    Jasmine - I'm so sorry about your external hard drive! Was that your SO or your family that did that to ya?

    Ms. Bennett- I didn't even think about the christmas aspect! hehe!

  5. Wow, those knitpick needles are so pretty! I wonder if we can get those here in the UK....You got some great pressies :)

  6. So you finally got the KnitPicks! I have the same set, and I LOVE them! I also got the acrylic set a while ago, but I have to admit I'm not as fond of them. I use them occasionally, but I prefer the wooden ones. And the blocking mats loook great too, I bet they'll come in handy now that you've started knitting shawls. Because believe me: once you've started lace, you won't be able to stop! :)