Saturday, December 19, 2009

{ The Great Snows of '09 }

Holy Crow, People. I'm sure many of you out there are in a similar situation right now, but this is not normal for our tiny town in Virginia. Apparently we haven't had more than 5" since about 1991, way way before I moved here! Take a look at what Mr. Pie and I woke up to:


16" and it's still forecasted to snow all day today! Mr. Pie couldn't even make it to work!

So today is going to be a cozy day inside. hehe Good thing I got this little project done yesterday! I've done this once before, where I took the branches that you cut off the bottom of your christmas tree (to make it fit in the stand) and tie them together with some twine. This is hanging in the hall now:

I really like this look! I like that it's rustic, unexpected and uncomplicated. Though it seems to me like it needs just a little something. Any ideas?


  1. Maybe you could add a couple of yarn balls to it, like this:

    I saw that one on Ravelry a while ago, and it's just so cool. I doubt that my husband would accept one, though...

  2. That's really neat. Hmmm, maybe some kind of berries or something in the middle?

    Can't get over this snow. We haven't had this much since the kids were little. (17 and 20 now).

  3. I can't begin to explain how jealous that sight makes me, sitting here in the cold-but-only-rain-dampened South. Enjoy!

  4. I can't even begin to tell you how jealous that makes me, sitting here in the cold, dampened-only-by-rain South.


  5. LOL about the yarn wreath! That's really funny! :) I like the berries idea... I wonder if I have any in the house? hmmmm...

  6. Hi there! I just wanted to come and say hi and thank you for following burlap + blue, and then I saw your post and I had to smile ...I live in Richmond, so I know exactly what you mean by a cozy day inside!!! The snow totals here are crazy!

    Can't wait to take a peek through your archives...and I just became a follower as well!:)

    Hmmm...not sure what your new decor needs...maybe those little metal clippie things that you could clip on and hang xmas cards from? Or maybe a rustic-y bow of some sort...burlap perhaps? Not sure, will think about it, though:)

  7. Durham as usual got absolutely NOTHING!!! So I say go sledding- Remember the hills Hope

  8. Burlap and blue: Thank you so much for joining me! I absolutely adore your blog and plan to make it a regular stop for me. :)

    Hope: I think you should bring your sled up and play in the snow with us! hehe I think they should close down that road that leads to the courthouse coming down from the heights... what do you think? :)

  9. It needs some red, red ornaments perhaps or little red berries. Or maybe a red bird on the right or left side. Its going to beautiful once you're done.