Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2 Finals Down, 1 To Go

... and instead of doing that final that's due today, I'm writing you a post about Gingerbread Houses because yesterday Mr. Pie and I finished our very own Gingerbread house! From Scratch! (and because I'm a pretty good procrastinator. lol) We really didn't know anything about building gingerbread houses unless you count "Buy a kit" as step one. hehe

So we made our gingerbread dough like you would for a gingersnap cookie and rolled it out in to sheets. I cut out templates like those I found online and we got to cutting out our pieces. The crazy part is that our oven is so tiny (just the 24" apartment kind of thing) that we couldn't bake all the pieces at once, so we baked them a couple at a time over 3 days. lol

We were very very nervous when we first started putting the pieces together! Does this look to you like it wants to remain standing?

We let that rest and get hard for an entire day from morning until after dinner, then we delicately added the roof.

You can see there was a slight accident with the roof breaking in half. More on that later! We let that sit overnight and then the next morning we got to decorating!

And here's the final product!

our crazy resident ghost snowman

Here's what we learned and will do different next time:

1. Keep template pieces so you can compare the pre-baked size to the post-baked size. Use a bread knife to cut away what doesn't fit the template anymore.
2. Put the dough in the fridge for a while before you cut the pieces. Otherwise, they stick to the templates!
3. Bake the pieces extra long so that they are very crisp and hard. If they are too soft they fall apart in construction. Ex) the roof. hehe
4. Make your frosting with extra powdered sugar so it's more paste-like than you might use for cookies. Like the consistency of elmer's glue. hehe

On the knitting front I have very little news to give you. I have one last minute Christmas gift, which I said I wouldn't do, but I realized that there was one person I forgot on my list. Argh! It'll be a blue and white hat for the PennState Football team. I bought some LionBrand Thick and Chunky for that. lol Hopefully it'll be done today!

Alright... now I'm off to tackle that stupid essay. Wish me luck!


  1. good luck!
    My 48 hour sociology-thingie is due tomorrow at 2 pm, but I'm practically done, so I'm sending some of surplus essay-writing power to you...
    Did it get to you? My telepathic skill are a bit dusty...

  2. oooh, you're almost done! You can do it! And just think how much you can relax once you're done (although I imagine that you don't want to think too much on that until you're actually done writing...)!

    And your gingerbread house looks adorable! Me and my sister have done some the past couple of years, but I'm not sure if we will have time this year. And the dough is sooo delicious to eat, I thin I'd rather do that :)

    / Jenny

  3. the house is SO cute! LOL. You are crazy, baby girl! You and Mr. Pie! Hey! I am 1/2 done the baby blanket *grins* Your dad said I was *exactly* like grandma! LOL


  4. Thank you very much for your Mojo Mrs. Peaches! It helped me push through to get it done! :)

    Mom - was that a compliment or a warning from Dad? LOL

  5. Hi! I love that you made your own gingerbread house. I must admit to being jealous because I have been wanting to make one for years, and just have never been able to. Maybe there is still time...Yours is cute, and I literally laughed outloud about your "crazy resident ghost snowman!" :D hilarous! I think the whole thing is as cute as a button!
    I was just working on my blog and need one last picture (that my Mom has) before I can complete it. I feel a sigh of relief because it has been forever since I have been able to post.
    Anyway, it was great to read your blog and "catch up." :)
    Have a great Christmas!!!