Saturday, December 12, 2009

1 Final Done, 2 To Go

First of all: I hate being sick. I've been fighting a nasty head cold ALL WEEK. ARGH!

Second of all: I hate finals week, but I most especially hate finals week if I'm sick at THE SAME TIME! I've been asleep at about 7:30 most days this week and I probably really should have been studying. lol

Third of all: I hate that both of these things kept me from knitting! I haven't knit even one stitch, and have had to just stare at this on my desk longingly, instead:

Traveling Woman Shawl

I'm finally starting a project with that sumptuous green yarn that my from Hope bought me! This shawl has two different patterns in it yet to come which means reading the charts, which I haven't done much of yet so far. That's going to be my big stretch with this project. I'm not much of a Shawl Wearer, but I picture me wearing mine more like this:

.. so we'll see. :)

Also, Christmas has visited our house! The tree went up last night! (in between study breaks, of course) and our house smells soooo good. :)

and we bought another piece for our winter village too:

Other than this, it's been school school school all week. Just a few more days and it'll all be done!


  1. It sounds like you will really appreciate your winter break! I haven't had any real exams for a couple of years, as I'm out of school, but I know the feeling. It's good that it's over soon!

    It will be great to see your Travelling Woman, I'm currently a bit obsessed about shawls! I plan to wear most of the ones I'm going to knit next year that way too. It's great now that winter's coming along, we actually got some snow today.

    Hugs / Jenny

  2. Definite signs of a knitter --- aggravation over ANYthing interfering (especially health and school. . .)

  3. THank you for your sweet comment and email. I'll send you a pic of the sweater/wrap I'm making with the yarn you sent me. (I just started tonight so it will be alittle while) Merry Christmas!

  4. I am sorry you are feeling sick. I've been down with a cold too, and wishing for my mommy to make me soup and bring it to me in bed. LOL, I couldn't talk your brother OR sister in coming to visit me *grins*

    Your package is sent! Please let me know when you get it, ok? And I Love the tree! Lucky girl..xmas scents AND snow.

    *hugs* baby girl