Sunday, December 6, 2009

FO and some Snow

Only one full week left of incredibly insane school, then it's Christmas break! YAY!

To help with last week I was knitting on an extremely easy, no thought required, kind of hat with a ball of the free yarn that I got. Here's how it turned out:

Do you see the cool traveling purl stitch all the way around the hat? I thought it was an interesting slightly different approach to a straight forward hat. It's not really in my favorite colours, but it's so warm that I've been wearing it around the house the last few days. hehe I'm sure I'll be able to find it a permanent home soon.

In other news: IT SNOWED!! I really really love the snow, and especially because it was Saturday and I didn't have to leave the house or even change out of my pajamas until we had to go get some groceries mid afternoon. These were taken out the kitchen window in to the back yard:

11 am

Then after that it got kinda warmer and patchier. But it's still on stuck on the grass today! YAY!


  1. We had snowshowers for only about 1 hour in Atlanta. But it was pretty to watch. Love the hat and the cool stitch...I'm looking forward to learning to knit. My friend and I were do some practice during our break at work yesterday. I don't know how you ever work up a hat so fast! It took us forever to do two rows yesterday.

  2. Wow, I liked the three consecutive yard photos! And I have to say I adore your hair colour! Ever since I was a teenager I've wanted red hair, but my hair doesn't take dyes too well, I usually wash them away with two to three washes. But you look good in the hat!

    And I agree, the purl string looks very fetching.

    Good luck on all your exams!

    / Jenny

  3. Love the hat! The spiraling purl stitch really compliments the stripes.
    Yay for snow :D

  4. I LOVE the hats! They look great and the design is fabulous.

    I miss the snow and it looks so beautiful after the first snow fall....

    Wow, LOVE LOVE LOVE your yarn! Your getting quite a collection. ;)

    Enjoy your break from school!!!!!

  5. Yay! I enjoyed the snow, too. Love that hat. It sure doesn't look extremely easy to me, but I'll take your word for it. lol Good luck with your last week. If your next week is like my last few, it will be over by the time I finish typing this.

  6. I love the hat!! We got 8" of snow on Saturday in Linden, say the least we couldn't get off the mountain to get to the grocery store!

  7. I love the hat. You do look great in hats. I don't, the shape of my head or something. I love the snow. we always get rain when you get snow. You always get the right amount.Isn't this really early for snow for you guys? I remember sleding down McCormick Blvd hill and making almost all the way downtown. I remember my dad talking about going down the heights hill and making all the way to City Hall. Wow I want more SNOW.A WHITE CHRISTMAS Hope

  8. Hi Hope! Thanks for the great compliments. Is definitely a little early for snow here I think, but I'm not complaining. :) I think this may be it until after the new year, but it just helps to make the holidays seem THAT much closer, doesn't it? I hope you get the snow you want too!

  9. I love the hat! The combination of variegated yarn with the traveling stitch confused my eyes for a bit- I didn't know what the pattern was! Very cute!

  10. Nice hat!
    will all you guys please send some snow to Denmark? and soon please...