Friday, December 18, 2009

Chrismas Going-Ons

While I'm still plugging away on my Traveling Woman Shawl I decided to take a break and do a quick bulky hat in some Lion's Brand Thick n' Quick. And let me tell you.. It's both THICK and QUICK! I did this hat in about the span of one movie:

look mom, no pattern!

So as we're getting ready for dinner guests tonight, the snow starts. About two hours later, it looks like this outside:

And the inside of the house looks like this:

Should be a fun evening! Happy Friday everyone! We should be getting back to normal Find a Deal Fridays SOON! I promise! :)


  1. ::sigh:: I wish we could've made it. The table looks awesome!

  2. Yeah, I wish you coulda too! For those not in the loop: this commenter and his wife were the two we should have been hosting, but we had a weather delay. hehe