Wednesday, May 19, 2010

{Updates Continued}

I'm loving the fact that school is out! I think I'm finally starting to believe that I don't have homework to do. hehe  I've been a busy girl, despite a horrific head cold.  I'm whiny, still in my pajamas, but doin' stuff!

Look what I can do!

So, apart from the fact that I'm a dufus who doesn't know how to attach purse handles the right way (what a rookie mistake! LOL that'll get ripped out tomorrow)  look what I did!  This is my first attempt at a bag of any kind and I'm pretty darn proud of myself.  It's fully lined and I've added that pocket to the outside and a pocket on the inside.  I even lined the outside pocket! Also, check out the pretty red trim around the top!  It makes me smile. :D

 I think the inside pocket needs a button, so I'm going to add one.  I made the pocket a little wide to be practical, it kind of flops open, ya know?   Maybe one of my buttons made of antler? That would be way cool.  What do you think??  I love that my machine has a cool 4-step auto button holer AND buttoner!

Popeye Update

I think the vaccinations plus the worm medicine have messed with his tummy a bit.  He's been sleeping a lot today and is still nibbling slowly on his dinner from last night.  Is this normal, guys?

Popeye on the New Ottoman

Knit Picks Order

Yep, I got my Knit Picks yesterday! MAN I love seeing that box on the front porch!  Some of what I got wasn't terribly interesting: their purple plastic stitch markers, a couple of cable needles and a longer wire for my needles, BUT! Some of what I got was WAY cool!

 CotLin in Whisper(grey) and Cashew (tan)

These will be for some fun dish clothes to take with me to the craft show.  The one for May was canceled because the organizers realized they had planned for Memorial Day Weekend (which I thought that was the point? hehe)  so I'll be at the one in June.  This is good, I have more time to make stuff.

Shine Sport in Cream

Some kind of baby item, maybe? Or perhaps slippers? I haven't decided.  This stuff is super soft!

Crayon in Light Blue and Flamingo

These will be baby items too, I think.  Maybe little tiny hats, like the kind you put on babies in the hospital to tell whether they're a boy or girl? hehe  SUPER soft and 100% cotton - I love it!

I also got one new book from them yesterday and three for my birthday! WAHOO!  I'll write reviews tomorrow. :) Have a nice evening everyone!  I have to go blow my nose now.... hehehe


  1. You did a great job on the bag! Dontcha just love pockets? Love all your knit picks stuff. It is totally normal for Popeye to be sick and sleepy after a worm treatment. We used to treat our little guy with over-the-counter worm treatment and that was always his reaction. I'm sure the vet's is more potent.

  2. Excellent work on the bag. You should be proud. I'm sure Popeye will be back to himself soon. All that yarn looks beautiful!

  3. Me loves the bag. hee hee... the fact that you lined it really makes it great!


  4. Great job!! Learning to sew is next on my to do list!

  5. Excellent job! That is a great bag. And for your first project! Very cute. Love that little birdie.
    And I hope your little one is feeling better soon.
    And that yarn is great! I'll have to check out that brand. That flamingo color is awesome! ;)

  6. I've been sewing for over 40 years...Great job on the bag. Adding the red trim is ambitious for a first go round...and it shows you're not afraid to try something new. Your bag is fabulous!

  7. You did very very well for your first project! Love the combo of fabrics and trim. Your next bag will be even more fabulous!

  8. Wow, this is adorable!! Love that bag, it is amazing! And the yarn looks beautiful too, I love when something just looks so soft...

    Thanks for the encouragement on the sewing machine! I'm so new to it all that it wouldn't have even occurred to me that there was supposed to be a slower speed, lol! Good luck with your new one, it looks like you will be putting it to very good use! Have a great weekend!