Wednesday, May 12, 2010

{Birthday Goings-on}

Wow you guys, what a GREAT birthday I had!  Other than a break from studying for my Calculus final (which I forbade myself to do any of)  it was great! It started when I came home after school and I had PRESENTS waiting!!

After walking by the massive birthday-paper wrapped box once, I got to open this up!

YAY!! My very first sewing machine!!  I'm so excited and so rearing to go! I watch a bunch of the ladies online do cute tutorials that need a sewing machine and I'm so excited to get to do some sewing myself! I think I might start out with some cute fabric drawstring bags, just to practice?  I'm making myself not do anything until after my final and after my last project is handed in. But after that I'm going to dive right in! Does anyone know any good beginner sewing resources?

This (crappy) photo here shows a couple more birthday presents:

A new book that my brother bought me off my Amazon list: Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden (a Canadian author, since I've been striving to read more of those lately), AND my new monitor!  A 23 inch Acer wide screen monitor to match my Mister's. This will come in extra handy when I'm geeking out on the mmorpg's. hehehe Oh! And my sister sent me a great silicon muffin tin off my amazon list too! Super excited about that.

On a side note... guess what ELSE this photo shows?  It's my Haruni shawl!  The colour is terrible, of course, since that's sort of a grey/purple yarn you're looking at. lol I have two lines of lace left to do, with purls in between, and then casting off. And that little tiny yarn pile beside it? That's the end of my skein. lol  Doh!!  I have a couple others, so I'm not freaking out and frogging or anything, it just means that I'm going to have to recake another skein. Last time that was a huga P.I.T.A.  It must have taken me almost two hours to cake that damn yarn because it was getting all tangled around itself.  Is there a secret to winding?  Am I missing the bus anywhere?

So for my birthday dinner, after I found my two lovely birthday gifts, my Mister made me Chicken Cordon Bleu with a white cheese sauce, some amazing risotto, and some broccoli that also had a touch of the cheese sauce.  Oh. My. Goodness you guys.  It was SO YUMMY and we're having left overs tonight!  For dessert he made me a tiny individual ice cream cake!  I absolutely love the ice cream cakes from Dairy Queen, but you can only buy them in 13" diameters and that's a little too much even for me. hehe This one was perfect and was even made with REAL oreos and Haagen Daz ice cream!

Overall, it was a perfect day!  Thank you, My Love for making me feel so special on my Birthday!!


  1. Love the new sewing machine!! Enjoy!! Cant wait to see pics of the shawl! I have never heard of the term "recake another skein" before. What does it mean? Glad you had a lovely birthday!!

  2. Love the new sewing machine!! Enjoy!! Cant wait to see pics of the shawl! I have never heard of the term "recake another skein" before. What does it mean? Glad you had a lovely birthday!!

  3. I'm so happy you had such a great day! Every girl needs to be spoiled on her birthday :) I'm so jealous that you're almost done with the Haruni, I'm going to frog mine for the second time tonight! But it IS going to be done sometime!

    Hugs / Jenny

  4. Happy Birthday! You should get in touch with Elisha. She has a sewing machine similar to yours and uses it a lot. She could throw some helpful hints your way I'm sure

  5. What a great birthday! I've been eyeing the Haruni for a while. I'll be interested to hear about your experience with it.

  6. You are truly blessed! Great presents and great family! I love Dairy Queen, too!

  7. Aww! So sweet!!! I am glad you had such an awesome birthday! Can you please tell us where the tutorials are? I would love to see them! :)

  8. A guy who cooks and pampers you? This guy is a keeper!

    Sewing machines are great -- for everyone but me. I just can't get the hang of it! I'm sure you'll make beautiful things on yours.

  9. Oh, Brother. I got a Brother for my first (and only) sewing machine too. I mostly only use it for hemming since I'm a shrimp, but it would be nice to learn some crafty stuff. All I can say is, if it jams, just have patience...