Monday, May 24, 2010

{Oh My Gosh! So Excited!}

I have a BUNCH of stuff that's making me all excited this morning!

Alora Loves Her New Sweater! 

Who doesn't love this face?  Poor girl's been sick and teething as of late, hence the glassy eyes.  She's still adorable though!

When I embroidered on those flowers, I didn't anticipate that they'd become a play thing for her, but hey! Who's arguing? She can't pull them off, just pull them tight so they make for something fun to do while getting a fresh diaper and such. hehe

I Got A Birthday Package From Jenny!
(from Jenny's Blog On Knitting)

It arrived looking like this and I was appropriately worried. lol  That little label on the top read "may have been delivered damaged."  GULP!   Not to fear though, everything inside was squishy and non-breakable!!

That GORGEOUS bag in the back was hand sewn by Jenny's sister, Sanna!  How gorgeous is that fabric?? It's going to be my new sewing notions bag! YAY!  There was of course tons of Chocolate to be had, but most didn't make it to the photo, unfortunately.  YUM  The green yarn is a 100% wool of Swedish origin called Kampes.  I think it's going to be my Christmas Tree skirt that I posted about in my book review!  (Jenny? I might need some red too! grin ) The Lin in the front is another Swedish yarn that I already had some of in my stash and had inquired about getting more through Jenny's LYS but held off because I didn't have anything planned for the yarn yet.  Well... ta da! :D  And the merino is from Drops- super soft!  I'll find a project to use it on for sure!

Then, I was putting everything away from the picture taking and found these guys hanging out in the bag! I missed them the first time and I was all like, "There's MORE??!?"

Thank you SO SO Much to Jenny and her sister Ana!! I feel so special to deserve a great birthday package like this one!! :D

I Was Featured on Tea Rose Home! 

Yesterday I was featured on the very popular home crafty blog, Tea Rose Home!  She really loved my 100% cotton baby sweater that I finished recently.  How cool is that??  Thanks Sachiko! 


  1. Absolutely gorgeous sweater and model!

    Love the bag and really love the colors in those last two skeins!

  2. Wow! What a great package! It's your birthday?! Huh? Wha? Happy Birthday! Congrats on the feature, too!

  3. Ooooh yeah, and that's the cutest sweater on the cutest girl. :)

  4. WOw, you DO have a lot to be excited about! That little one is too cute! And I love that Tea Rose Home blog--great news!

  5. Wow, that package was really smashed up! Was there any stitch markers in the package? I put in two very small plastic bags with markers, maybe you missed them too? Or possibly, I forgot to put them in :) In that case you'll get them another time!

    Oh, and by the way: My sister's name is actually Sanna... Not easy to get when you only hear it via Skype!

    Hugs / Jenny

  6. Fantastic package! Lucky ducky!

  7. Hey, saw a yarn store in Roanoke I'd never seen before. The Yarn Explosion...right near Books-A-Million. Thought you'd be interested in knowing that.

  8. Alora is going to love her Aunty :) You keep making such cute things for her to wear! I don't know where you find the time OR the energy, but certainly explains why I haven't seen you in the MMO! LOL, put the crafting away and come play with me!


  9. Best little sweater ever and the most adorable model I've ever seen! Lol. And you were featured, friggin' awesome! Your amazing Sarie. I can't wait to see you this summer. :D