Wednesday, May 5, 2010

{Clue #57....}

Clue #57 that it's almost Finals Week:

       There is nothing but cereal bowls, spoons and coffee cups in the dishwasher.  And it hasn't been run in 3 days.

Bonus Clue: 

       Your hubby took peanut butter and jelly to work for dinner. *cringe!*  Sorry baby!

I finally cooked tonight for the first time this week and it was actually pretty tasty.  I barbecued some chicken with my new VERY favorite  Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime.  I don't usually use pre-made spices, but Mrs. Dash is salt free and SUPER tasty.  Tonight was the first night on chicken and it was way good, but you've never experienced this stuff until you eat it on shrimp.  Oh. my. god. SO GOOD.

Unfortunately, it might be the last time I cook this week too.  4 more days of class before my finals.  EEP!


  1. Good luck on your finals!

  2. Good luck on your finals!

  3. I'm going to hol all my thumbs and toes for you next week! But I'm nsure you'll do exellent!

    Hugs / Jenny

  4. Finals... just the word makes me cringe! I'm in Australia, so we don't actually use that word, just 'exams'! It is just as bad. Also, cos I'm in Tassie, we have winter just around the corner, and the academic year doesn't end until November. But, our Christmas is in the long summer break! I hope your finals go well!

  5. I don't like having to type in those silly letters as well but some of the blogs I read have such great posts and are so inspiring I must comment and let them know!