Sunday, May 2, 2010

{Favorite Yarns} - KnitCroBlo7

This post marks the end of Knit and Crochet Blog Week, the brain child of Eskimmi from Eskimmi Knits.  Thank you so much for doing all the coordinating! It has been so much fun and I feel so connected to the online community. :)

So... my favorite yarns.  Going through my stash it was hard to pick a couple that are my favorite! That seems to be a common problem for the knitters I've been reading. hehe All these yarns I'm going to show you were gifts from my very generous friend Hope.  I love all the yarn she gave me so much I want to knit with it all at the same time!!  This summer is going to be knitting extravaganza because all this pesky school work will be out of my way. hehehe :)

The purple shades in this yarn are just too gorgeous for words and it's got such a beautiful sheen to the yarn!  I also adore that this is an aran weight, which will make such a great quick project! I can't wait to get started on the top that I have picked out for this yarn, Damariscotta. (rav link)  Someone has actually already knit it in this yarn and it looks so pretty!  I can just press this one against my face and sigh contentedly.

This yarn makes my heart stop when I look at it, it's so beautiful.  The colours are gradual change and I can not WAIT to knit with it.  I'm thinking maybe a scarf that I can drape around my neck and show off!  It's not as soft as the one above, but I have a feeling it might end up being sturdier.  The best part? It's a Canadian yarn dyed in Nova Scotia and I love to support my country's entrepreneurs when I can. :)  You guys should check out her site (the link below the pic) because pretty much everything she does looks amazing.

Before Malabrigo I never knew wool could feel so good. Seriously. Like a cloud. I'm knitting with the fingering weight right now for my Haruni Shawl.  Both of them are just so gorgeous in their semi-solids! I love their subtle colour changes.  The Haruni (which will hopefully be finished soon so I can show you some pics) is a pretty shade of greyish-purple.  This is the first lace yarn I've ever owned too and even with the fingering I"m so amazed at how long the skein is lasting.  I think I'm going to finish the entire shawl with one skein!!  It just keeps going!  I definitely see why people say that you get more for your money when you go with the lighter weights of yarn.  I certainly hope to work with more Malabrigo in the future!


  1. I'm totally addicted to Malabrigo too. Hand Maiden yarns are not too easy to come by here in Australia (and are at least twice the price of Malabrigo) but I think i will have to treat myself to a skein one day soon.

  2. Beautiful! I love the Malabrigo too! Haven't tried the other ones, although I certainly want to. Can't wait to see what you make with them!

  3. Those are all just beautiful. I love the color of the Malabrigo!

  4. What gorgeous colours - I haven't tried any of those but I think I'm getting drawn towards laceweight now...I have a skein in my stash that might need breaking out soon :D

  5. oh my gosh - all of these are so beautiful!