Tuesday, May 4, 2010

{Knitting Podcasts?}

I know I've probably mentioned this before, but I drive about an hour to and from school every day.  And since radio commercial pretty much drive me bonkers and I can't handle the silence, I listen to podcasts on my iPod!  I have a couple of favourites, like Stuff You Should Know, and Hardcore History, but I have been desperately wanting a crafty goodness podcast to indulge in on my way to school.

But I've had a serious problem with the few that I've downloaded and tried.  They ALL sound like the host is reading from a script word for word and I just can't take it.  All the dramatic pauses for effect that you do when you're reading, the formal style of talking and the asking questions to the listeners when really you're in a room by yourself talking to a microphone.  It just all sounds so forced and formal and awkward to me.  I haven't even been able to finish an entire episode of the three that I've tried.

All my favourite blogs are super casual and super informative and I guess I like my podcasts the same way.  Have you had any luck with knitting or crafting podcasts?


  1. I'm a dinosaur and don't have an i-pod, but I've been wanting one specifically for knitting podcasts. Not that I know any, I just know they exist.

  2. I'm on the search for good ones too. So far the only one that I have gotten into is the Never Not Knitting podcast. I like her easy going, casual style and it's broken up into segments which keeps it interesting.

  3. Probably the mother of knitting podcasts is Brenda Dayne's Cast On. It is professional, clever and informative. Brenda is on haitus due to health problems, but it would take you a while to listen to all the archives podcasts.

    I just love it when she says: "Pick up your pointy sticks; it's time to cast on!"

    Her voice is like buttah!

  4. I can guarantee that Lime&Violet knitting podcast is not formal in any way! :D

  5. These are the ones I'm enjoying the most right now:
    The Knitmore Girls
    Stitch It Podcast
    KIPing it Real
    The Knitting Show
    I always listen to them while driving, too, and they are really entertaining.

  6. I feel the same way about knitting podcasts, and I'm a total dork that listens to NPR podcasts all the time. Spice it up, people!

  7. I love podcasts too (Stuff You Should Know is great! Josh and Chuck are too funny) but I'm super picky about them! I can't handle bad sound quality.

    As far as knitting podcasts, my favorite by far is Stash and Burn. I also enjoy Double Knit, Manic Purl and Electric Sheep. Electric Sheep has a prepared essay at the beginning of each episode, but the rest of the episode is quite chatty and informal. My favorite podcasts have a good balance of organization and improvisation, if that makes sense!