Saturday, May 15, 2010

{A Productive Saturday - So Far}

This morning, with 5 days of vacation ahead of us, we headed out to the next city to check out some garage sales and the Farmer's Market.  The garage sales were all a bust, but we did buy some plants from our garden!  We hadn't planned on actually planting them until tonight, but surprised ourselves by doing it in the midday sun.

do you think I need some of these instead of the paper? hehe

the whole garden (yep, the whole thing). That's our composting system 
in the blue bins in the back.

We planted: yellow pepper, cayenne pepper, cherry tomatoes, big tomatoes, asparagus, and carrot seeds.  We have plans to add jalapeno peppers too.

While we were playing in the dirt, these were cooking in the kitchen:

banana muffins

When I saw we had some frozen over ripe bananas I jumped right on these!  Made the kitchen smell sooooo good.  I baked them in the new muffin tin I got from my family for my birthday! It makes a larger muffin, which I like, and I didn't have to use a cupcake sleeve! It's no stick! My favorite? You just turned the cup *INSIDE OUT* to wash it! Isn't  that fabulous?

We had some hard news today too... our Popeye, he is sick.  He's got a vet's appointment for Tuesday morning.  Don't worry, we're taking good care of him.

the box isn't quite big enough

I'm three quarters of the way done on this baby sweater too. It's an odd construction.  I'll tell you about it tomorrow. :)


  1. Hope everything turns out well with Popeye!

  2. aww...the kitty is so cute! I love industrious days. Good for you!

  3. Those spoons make me want to garden. Really neat. I love the muffin pan and the idea of just turning it inside out to wash it. Please keep us posted on Popeye. Poor baby. I had to take my Arnold to the vet today, too.

  4. Wow you've been busy. I am so jealous over your muffin tin! I love bananas too much to ever end up with overripe ones anymore. lol I need to buy some just for baking. I sure hope Popeye has a good vet business and is feeling better soon. He's so cute.