Friday, November 6, 2009

What to Knit... What to Knit...

After finishing a pretty spectacular weekend of knitting, I'm sort of uninspired as to what to start next. Here's just a few patterns that I have the yarn for, yet feel uninspired to cast on:

May I'm just done with cowls and hats for a while? I'm seriously not sure what else I want to knit. I also have a few sweaters that are waiting to be taken apart. Maybe I'll get started on those. I'll let you guys know!

I apologize for not having a Find a Deal Friday for you today. School is absolutely kicking my butt. The good news? I only have 4 weeks of class left! AHHH!


  1. Love the flora hat...I'm crocheting some scarves and cowls now (I'll post them tomorrow maybe)...I bet you're ready for a break from school!!

  2. I made the Flora hat and love it.

  3. I just downloaded the pattern for the Flora Hat. I hope to knit it after I finish knitting my thrummed mittens. I have had it with cowls for a while too! They can be monotonous. I am procrastinating on a sweater for my hubby. I can't decide on the pattern.