Saturday, November 14, 2009

Christmas Knitting Continues

Hey guys! How is everyone's Christmas knitting coming along? I feel like I've been at it forever now. It's been months that I've been getting all this stuff together! lol

I'm almost done though. I have a few other projects I can cross off my list, including socks for Mr. Pie. He's been asking for socks for ages and ages, since I first started learning to knit. I tried with double pointed needles and hated HATED doing that, so I gave up. Now, with my new discovery of Silver's Sock Class, which is a step-by-step free guide to knitting socks from the toe up and on two circle needles, I'm actually enjoying knitting socks! I've got my first one done so far:

I love how I'm able to custom size them to his feet when they're toe up like this! I'm making these primarily from left over Knit Picks Wool of the Andes (the orange toes) and the white chunky sweater that I unraveled last week. They are coming out so thick and comfy, but they're hard on the hands to knit because I'm doing these on #7 needles. lol It's a very dense fabric!

Also, I took a short break to knit another one of these cute little bunnies. All the little girls in my family (and I have 4. lol) are getting a little bunny in their stocking:

These little bunnies are the only toys I've ever made because they're knit flat and then sewn. Again with the DPN phobia. hehe Maybe I'll branch out a little more now!

I have one more hat to knit, and then maybe another pair of socks like this for another family member. I have a whole bunch of the Simply Soft Caron still in both brown and green so I think I might want to try some stranded colour work! Wish me luck!

School is almost done! Can you believe it? I have one week of class, then the week of thanksgiving I have off. I'll have two weeks once I go back and after that it's finals! How crazy is that? I just have three more weeks to hang in there! I have a feeling I'll be spending much of my break knitting. hehe ;)


  1. I'm so impressed by all the christmas knitting you're getting done! I'm completely selfish and decided to not knit any christmas gifts for anyone, and only knit for myself :)! I find it hard to make things for others as I tend to loose my motivation. Does that make me a selfish person?

    I love the bunnies, but I have a phobia of sewing so maybe they are not for me? On the other hand I love dpn's so maybe I could make something similar for my new god-child (is it called that? We are his godparents, anyhow).

    / Jenny

  2. These bunnies are so cute! Great job on the socks!!