Sunday, November 15, 2009

My next Cast On

I decided to go ahead and cast on the last hat that I'll need to knit for Christmas gifts. I decided on this one here:

The Meret (Ravelry Link)

Here's a top down view:

It's an extremely popular free design on Ravelry with over 1800 projects listed! The yarn I chose for it was this recycled yarn that decided it didn't want to be a sweater. It's an angora blend, so it'll be a little bit more... fluffy. hehe I hope it works out! As usual, I'll keep you guys posted! :)


  1. Ooh, how pretty! That yarn looks like it will be a great match. I think fluffiness would go really well with that pattern. Everyone is knitting such cute hats right now...I'm sad because hats look dumb on me and I can't join in the fun!

  2. That looks like a great pattern. I can't wait to see how the yarn looks knit up! Have fun!

  3. Oh so fine... I was thinking are you fairly monogamous? or really just out and about (like moi), when it comes to knitting? you get so much done! good luck on the hat.

  4. You are getting me in such trouble!! Just snatched a few minutes from grading papers to check out your blog and oh my gosh!! First, can I be on your Christmas list?????!!!!! LOL! Second, when are you opening shop???? Such great projects and super inspiration :) Now I just have to remember that first I must finish these papers....but I've put my knitting pouch VERY close by.... :) Great column!!