Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This Week's Progress

Howdy everyone! I have some exciting finished objects to show you! My Christmas knitting is quickly coming to a close with only small package adornments and stocking stuffers being completed now.

I did take a break from all that to cast on and complete Mr. Pie's long awaited bulky socks. My first completed pair of socks EVER! These were made from the latest recycled sweater and I certainly have enough for a couple more pairs of socks. I love how they turned out, but it's a super bulky wool and I knit them on size 7's so my hands were just aching after doing these for a bit. I think it took me a little longer because of that. They also don't have a lot of stretch in them which made it more like knitting cotton than knitting an acrylic/wool mix. I used up the rest of my Wool of the Andes Bulky for some contrasting toe action, and test dyed some of the cream recycled to see how well it would take colour, then used that swatch as the heel. hehe

Mr. Pie is very happy with them and has been wearing them every evening since they came off the needles. Yay! They were knit from the toe up on two circulars and I have to say, I'm totally and completely in love with this technique. ALL my socks will be knit like this from now on! I'm looking forward to diving in to more sock yarns and patterns now, too.

After those were done I cast on some more dishcloths for stocking stuffers and have these done so far, with only two more to go:

All other gifts for Canadian Family are wrapped and have either a little teddy bear ornament or a stocking ornament attached (sorry for the crappy photo, but it's dark outside this early! hehe) :

Here's a couple others that will go on packages to the other side of the family that aren't wrapped yet:

So I just have a piece of leather to attach to my Brother's gift (need to punch holes in the leather so I can sew it), finish two more dish clothes and then wrap Brother's gift and the package will be in the mail early next week! YAY!


  1. Wow, what beutiful packages! Those little ornaments are gorgeous! I might have to steal that idea too :)

    Oh, and I loved the yarn in your previous post, such a gorgeous colour (I'm a sucker for green). It will be fun to see what you make of it, it looks like you got a lot of it so I'm hoping for something big!

    Hugs / Jenny

  2. You are definitely my Christmas-knitting hero! I kind of want to steal your wrapping ideas. Great job, it must feel so great to almost be done with everything. :)

  3. Oh, please feel free to use my wrapping ideas! I started with the brown paper last year and used lace and trim that I found at a garage sale, this year I pickeed up a couple $1 rolls of ribbon to use. I think it looks rustic and pretty. hehe

  4. The packages are wonderful! Whoever is to receive them is very lucky indeed! You can really tell that a lot of care and thought went into each and ever one!

  5. That is all beautiful. You do a great job! :o)

  6. Wow, you've been busy! I love all the knitted ornaments and the socks look super comfy.