Monday, November 23, 2009

New Yarn!

I can't count or express the number of times I've felt really truly blessed by my new knitting community friends, and when I got this package in the mail, it totally blew me away...

From the same lady, KnitaBit, who gave me my last batch of green fabulous yarn!! She was talking about how amazing this encore acrylic/wool mix is for doing wearable items like sweaters, or useful items like afghans, and she sent me some to let me try it out! Thank you so so so much!! I'm definitely planning on This sweater right here:

I can't wait to get started! I just have a few more christmas odds and ends I have to knit so I can get the package out to my family back home! I've also done a ton of knitting (and not so much homework *ahem!*) the past weekend because school is out for Thanksgiving, so tomorrow I'll show you more with that!

Also, don't forget to visit Blue Mountain Handcrafts and Beth 1818 during the weekend after thanksgiving and enter the code "Sarah's Blog" to receive free shipping on orders over $50! :) Enjoy!

Tomorrow I'll update you more on what I've been completing! :)


  1. I'm using Encore to crochet a nursing afghan for my sister. It is lovely yarn, and machine-washable!! Can't wait to see what you think of it.

  2. That's amazing! You must feel so wonderful right now. :) That sweater is to die for btw!

  3. That sweater will look great in that yarn!

  4. so pretty, yarn and sweater.. I know the feeling about homework. Why can't they grade us on our abilty to finish christmas knitting... even though it looks like I will fail! ok, one more month left, I hope that we all get our knitting done, and next year I'm starting early or not at all... I think...