Thursday, October 7, 2010

{My Fall "Mantel"}

We don't have a fireplace in this house (something that will definitely be rectified in our next home), so the one flat surface that I get to decorate up all pretty is the credenza in the dining room.

This Monday coming up is Thanksgiving in Canada.  Even though I don't live within the borders of my country anymore, I still like to live in the spirit.  Plus Mr. Pie likes having two Thanksgivings so it's not a hard sell. ;)   We're expecting a house full of people which for us means there will be 6 to dinner, including ourselves.  We really love entertaining on occasion and I'm really looking forward to it!  Doesn't it always make you think about sprucing up the house a little? 

Thus, I bring you my student-budget mantel / credenza decorating.   I wish I had a before but I never remember that part. Just picture clutter. lol

 The empty cake platter will have Pie on it come saturday, and then after that I think I'll put a pumpkin up there! Maybe we'll even carve it, or maybe I'll try one of those cool painting techniques I've been seeing all over the blogosphere! :)  Here's some closeups, of course.

This was an experiment that I'm happy to say went relatively right.  It's first incarnation was of a VERY fake summer wreath from the dollar store.  They must have thought highly of it though because it was marked $8.00.  I found it in the 90% off shelf and paid $0.80. The summer flowers were falling off in the bag on the way home. lol  The other flowers were from the dollar store too and it was only one stem.  I paid $3 for that one and just snipped off the flowers and a couple of leaves and worked them under the wire.  This little wreath might get a few more makeovers in the future, so I didn't use any glue.

A fresh pumpkin and a single $1 stem of fall leaves dressed up some items I already had on hand.  I love using books for decorating, don't you?

The only new thing purchased here are the reeds.  I probably could have done with another bundle, but for $3 I'll stick with the one for now. hehe  The vase I made in January during the snows and I'm so happy I'm finally finding a great place for it! Isn't the texture great?  Check out my Recycled Sweater Vase over Here.

So there ya have it! I think I'm planning one more project for tonight too. Muwahaha. (If I find time at my sewing machine. hehe)


  1. I love how you described it as VERY fake. That's awesome. Looks great and we're looking forward to Sunday! And I'd decorate with books but I haven't quite sold Bethany on the idea yet.

  2. Man, my flat is so full of books, but I'm afraid they are mostly on top of the wardrope right now...

  3. Looks great - I love your decorating style! It inspires me to think about prettying up my own home!

  4. What a lovely fall 'scape! Especially the tiny pumpkin!

  5. This looks great. I love the vase with stones and a plant in it. What a great idea!

  6. Lovely! Happy Thanksgiving to you and thanks so much for linking up :)!