Friday, October 8, 2010

{Finished Curtains}

The inspiration hit last night after dinner.  I had all the necessary materials and when a projects grips me like this it tells I have to do it Right Now!   In this case, it was curtains for the dining room!  I had some extra muslin fabric and some green fabric left over from my quilt, plus some burlap for extra length on the bottoms - all I had to do was sew it together!

Here's a before picture I found from last Christmas (I think).  These were some stock drapes I picked up years ago when I worked at Pier 1 Imports.

And now, here's the NEW curtains!  The cost? $4 for two! (the other one is on the light side of the house, so no good picture. hehe)
I think this was the best solution for our old house. Since we're renting we don't want to get too involved with buying brand new curtain rods or custom anything.  These are fun! The burlap adds dimension and weight to the otherwise very thin fabric and the custom height gives the room a bit of a regal feeling without being formal at all.  The white of the muslin is also really clean and fresh in this room.

Using the branch for a curtain rod was an idea I saw on a blog AGES ago and I have no idea where to find it again, but it must have affected me deeply because I've been hanging on to these branches for a long time for this purpose.   For the top of the drapes I used grommets (my only expense) and some twine to tie them up since they won't be functional draperies at all. 
I think my dining room is ready for dinner guests now!  :)


  1. Very nice!!! Did I tell you I used to work at Pier 1, too?? Because I did!! Wow, that was 15 years ago!

  2. Lovely curtains, my house is going through a green phase at the moment also.

    Oh and we totally totally have to be sewing/knitting/quilting buddies!! It's too much of a coincidence not too... !

    You have cute cats, so do I... Your a math major, I did computer science and maths... We have he same sewing
    machine?! Cool! And were both new to blogging and quilting. Fate or what?!

    PM me on ravelry or something, we can be across-the-pond-palls!

  3. I love the idea of using an actual branch for the curtain rod. The new curtains look great!