Sunday, October 17, 2010

{I Am So Sick of Garder Stitch!}

So sick of it in fact, that I put my niece's Pea Coat to the side and cast on for some socks for me!  My mom bought me some gorgeous yarn for my birthday from a local BC dyer called Gaia's Colours (which can be found online at .  They even spelled coloUr right! muwahahahaa. (shut up blogger. It's spelled right!)  The yarn I'm using is the Umaj Sock, which has 10% Bamboo and 10% Nylon  mixed with super wash Merino. MAN is it soft and shiny and soooooooooo pretty!

Can you see the hints of orange and purple in with the different shades of pink? It's so gorgeous!  She has a ton of beautiful colours. (I'm thinking the Ceres next).  I think this might be THE perfect sock yarn! I can't wait to wear them and wash them and see how durable the yarn is!  Because if it works out? This may be my go-to sock yarn foreva.

I've had this yarn as my "next project" for a while now, but have been focusing on Christmas knitting.  Well no more! Time for something for ME! Socks! (as in, the one in the picture. hehe)

The pattern is the Lace and Cable socks from my book Socks From The Toe-Up. Love!  I so wanted to try two at a time this time, but I still don't have a way to weigh my yarn in to two equal balls.   Does anyone have a better way of doing that?

So I'm goign to go back to some knitting of socks now. :)  Hope everyone else is having a lovely weekend!


  1. That yarn is beautiful! Can't wait to hear how the toe up works out!

  2. Very pretty socks. I'll have to add that pattern to my favorites!

  3. Your so back in school Sarie. Not only do I know because I'm cool like that, but you also only update your blog once a week. It's a tell-tale sign =)

  4. Garter stitch indeed does sometimes suck. I need to get back on my blanket work...but I want to make stuff for me!