Wednesday, March 17, 2010

{New Needles!}

My new needles from Knit Picks arrived! Mr. Pie had actually surprised me for Valentine's Day Waaaaaayyyy back by buying me 4 new little needles! This guy sure knows the way to my heart, doesn't he? hehe

He bought one each of size 0,1,2, and 3 but when I knit socks I use two circulars of the *same* size, so I didn't feel too bad sending them back and purchasing instead two 1's and two 3's! YAY! Sock knitting with tiny sock yarn! I also decided to order metal instead of the pretty Harmony wood because I think I'll benefit from the yarn sliding around a bit more when the yarn is that small. What do you guys think?

Oh, and here's a pretty picture of spring in action - just because these tiny flowers made me smile. :)

Only one more day of school before Spring Break!!! WAHOO!!


  1. Love the picture of the flowers! We haven't had any blooms pop up yet- but I'm watching and waiting!

    Congrats on the new needles- Thin KP needles are the best for knitting socks!

  2. Pretty flowers! I saw some poking up around here but not blooming yet. I love the knit picks needles- I have the harmony in those sizes. I got two of each although I never learned to use two at a time and usually do magic loop. Enjoy!

  3. Love the new needles, I am contemplating adding metal ones to my set too, let me know they are with the thin yarn :)
    G x

  4. wow, where did you pick up the "socks on 2 circs" technique? i just started learning to do socks 2 at a time, but on only 1 circular needle and frankly i'm never going back. i have so many single socks because of my horrible second sock syndrome, but never again!!