Friday, March 26, 2010

{Knitting Updates}

For anyone that visits my site often, you've probably noticed that there are a couple of projects that have been hanging out on my "Projects in Progress" bar for a while. Since it's by no means my intention to have a bunch of UFO's sitting around, I have decided I will be accountable to you guys - my friends in the blogosphere - to keep me honest!

This one has been up there the longest. It's my Hey Teach! cardigan that I started the first weekend of January while we were in the cabin. I think I stalled on it because it was cold out and I wouldn't be able to wear it. And oh yeah... I'm totally scared that I'm going to get done and the dang thing's not going to fit. I haven't made a garment yet for myself that worked out! As you can see, though, I'm running out of excuses because spring is here... and I've got both sleeves, the back and most of one front knit already.

This is the Modern Log Cabin Blanket in it's current state. I've been working on this one slowly, but had a few hours in the car over the past week to get a couple of blocks done. It'll be about oh... Christmas probably, by the time it's totally complete. hehe

and this is a new one that I haven't shown you yet. It's just a pretty cotton lace cloth that I threw together in a couple hours last night while watching TV. The problem is that I think it's too pretty to get dirty. lol So I got to thinking... what if I make like 40 more, crochet them together, and then back them with a pretty cotton fabric? I could just make a couple whenever I felt the urge... How big is a typical a typical afghan, anyway?

The reason these have been left unfinished? I think I've fallen in love with another craft. There can be room for two, right? Do I have to be monotonous with one single craft? And I'll have you know I blame it all on you guys! Always with your positive encouragement! I just couldn't leave well enough alone! hehehe

Here's a preview:


  1. You're such an accomplished knitter, so I can't wait to see some more of your new craft--looks so interesting!

  2. That Modern Log Cabin is coming along really nicely.

    What about a baby blanket for a friend with the lace motif/squares, instead of an entire afghan (that could become your lif'e work!)?