Saturday, March 6, 2010

{First Project: Check!}

I am so excited about our big cleaning plans that I hopped on one project that I could do myself without a trip to the hardware store. I spray painted the chandelier!

Here's a picture of my dining room before:

and of course you saw a picture of it (albeit in the dark) in yesterday's post.

And here it is now!

Doesn't it fit in so much better? I'm very happy with this free transformation. I would have preferred to do something with the little glass covers, like maybe throw them in the garbage, but without something to replace them they'll stay for now. hehe


  1. Oh, it looks great!! You've been on a roll with the cleaning and all the projects!! :)

  2. i always adore your "around the house" projects, i swear you're turning into a regular Martha Stewart xD

    when are you going to get your own home improvement show on cable?

  3. Huge improvement! Thanks for linking up to the Power of Paint Party.

  4. Much better! Maybe switch out the 'bulb's for 'candle' bulbs. Then you won't need the shades. Just a thought.