Monday, March 22, 2010


We're taking a short break at the moment before we dive in to the next couple rooms of cleaning. But here's picture evidence of the work we put in yesterday and this morning:

Before: Dingy Cabinets, the top being used for storage, and the kitty litter box down beside (you can just see the top of the litter bag)

After: bright white cabinets, a recycling bin where the kitty litter box was moved from, and no storage on the top of the cabinet because....

... we installed a new shelf in our laundry/pantry closet! This is right in the kitchen too - you can see the folding door closed in the photo above. We always had the wire shelf there but now we have the "stuff we don't need to get to very often" shelf. I also moved all the canned storage in to here too so we can see what we have and what we need to buy. (note to self: need more chicken stock.)

I'm LOVING this!

more updates to come! :)

ps - I have no idea why the washer had to be installed sideways. The dudes who delivered and installed them put it that way. *shrug*? It looks weird in the picture, though. lol


  1. Looks great. Doesn't it feel soooo good? I've been packing and throwing out so much stuff and wondering why I waited until I was moving to get rid of it.

  2. Oh my... my place could use a good spring cleaning too. Wanted to do it this past week-end but the gorgeous weather drew me outside. Maybe next week-end I'll get busy.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  3. Getting organized and all tidy is the best feeling isn't it? Nice job on spring cleaning!

  4. My SO started doing the spring cleaning this past weekend... I think I'm being recruited to help him finish. However seeing your nicely organized pad is totally motivating me! :)