Monday, June 6, 2011

{Knitting on Fiori Di Sole is DONE}

and here she is in all her pre-blocked glory:

If you've studied the Fiori Di Sole pattern, you may notice that I opted to skip the fancy crochet bind off.  I made a judgement call based on how much yarn I had left after the last purl row, and boy am I glad I did, because here's what i had left after casting off:

I'm pretty sure if I'd tried the crochet bind off I would have run out of yarn.  Sure, it's true that I have another skein of this lace yarn, but have you ever wound Malabrigo lace? it's a P.I.T.A.  Besides, I think I like just the leaves at the bottom.

Now for blocking.  I don't have wires at the moment... do I wait and see if I can *get* wires somewhere, or I just pin it out as per usual for me?  I'm debating... waffling, you could say. There's a  sink full of water waiting for this shawl right this moment, but I think I've changed my mind yet again.



  1. Oh waaauuw... gorgeous, already, even without being blocked first.

    And you would definitely have run out of yarn. if crochet's good for anything, it's eating through your yarn like a hungry bear with a craving for fibre.

  2. Block it now. You can always do it again when you get some wires... I want to see it finished and purty!!!

  3. It looks amazing. I love it.