Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{It's done! It's done!}

The Crossroads quilt is complete! In fact I'm sitting with it wrapped all around me right. now. EEE!  It's the perfect weight for a summer quilt! Breaths easily, but is just heavy enough to feel like you're all wrapped up.  I LERVE it.



AS you can see I came to terms with the quilting. In the end I bought a fabric marker and used the width of my long 2' ruler as a guide to make the squares and they came out pretty much perfect and perpendicular. Also, did you notice that little strange square on the back? Yeah... I ran out of backing fabric. hehe  But it's cute and quirky right? please?

OH... and check out what else happened over the weekend:

That's me! On the FRONT PAGE of our local paper!  My friend Josh was nice enough to do a great story on my knitting experience in order to promote the beginner's knitting class I'm teaching a week from today! (eep!)  I'm kinda nervous, but I know it's gonna be great fun too! :D

I've shared this project on Under the Table and Dreaming


  1. The quilt is wonderful! I love the back; it is fine to add a patch like that. It adds character!

  2. Sarah, I love your quilt! And how exciting to be on the front page of the paper. Really, really cool. Good luck with your class.

  3. Wow, you're a real celebrity now! Taht's absolutely awesome! I would love to read the whole article, if you could scan it or send it to me? I tried to read it on the screen, but the text is pretty small, plus there seems to be another page as well.

    And look at the quilt! I'm so insanely impressed, it's gorgeous and looks like it's perfectly made. And yes, the coloured square on the back IS cute and quirky :)

    Skype this weekend? I'll be alone all weekend as Thomas is visiting his parents!

    Hugs / Jenny

  4. Congratulations on the news coverage. :-)

    Your quilt is lovely... you have me thinking about giving it a go.

  5. Your quilt looks fabulous! I totally love random scraps on quilt backs and bindings! I think they're really fun and quirky. :)

  6. Hey, congrats on all of this (the quilt and the newspaper bit) But I want to know what Josh meant by "the old-fashioned art of knitting". LOL Just because it started centuries ago doesn't mean it hasn't evolved along with the times. Gads!

    Love your blog too!

  7. Lovely quilt! and congrats on the newspaper article. Great job :-)


  8. Congrats on your article!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. The machine I have is this one:


    sorry about the long html. But its from costco. I love it. Ive never had any problems :)

  9. Wow!! The quilt is great. Your being famous is great. I know someone whos famous now! LOL

  10. hey look! it's a celebrity! On the front page even, how cool is that?!

    The quilt is looking lovely, I love that odd square on the back, very random, and there's nothing wrong with random ;)

  11. Wow - that quilt is amazing. I am seriously impressed!

  12. The quilt is beautiful!! I love the colors in it and the pattern!! Looks like you might have to add quilting classes? :o) just sayin'...

    Josh did a great article on you!! Glad I got to meet you!!

  13. You need to get a permanent marker that is made for writing on quilts and use the funky square as a place to name and date it... and put your name on it as well. Then, hundreds of years from now, people will have an idea about the quilt.

    That was sweet of your friend to write about you in the paper. Good luck on the class!

  14. Oh my gosh! I love that quilt. I am not normally a quilt person but yours is gorgeous. And congrats on the article!

  15. Beautiful quilt...

    And yay for the PR! Cute picture and congrats on the writeup!

  16. What an absolutely gorgeous quilt!! And congratulations on the article, that is so cool! :)