Sunday, June 12, 2011

{And the Quilting Continues}

Man oh man I've been obsessed with this quilt yesterday, to the huge detriment of my knitting!  I ran to Joann's on friday and bought all the fabric I needed to finish this marathon!

the light gray is the backing, and the dark gray will be for binding. I'm also going to put some long pieces of the pattern fabric on the backing too.

And then Saturday I finished piecing the front!!

Mr. Pie is the excellent model hiding behind the quilt top. hehe  About 20 minutes after this picture the rain and the thunder rolled through .  It was SO cool!  I love thunder storms. :)

I made the back rather quickly Saturday night during the storm, and lept right in to trying to do the actual quilting part  ie: sewing the layers together with the batting.  With my last quilt I sent this part out to have done by a professional.

I did not take pictures of this part because I ended up picking out ALL the quilting lines that I did.  I learned a few important lessons. After a lot of crying.

Number 1:  after sewing all day and when in need of food, do not rush in to attempting a technique that you have never done before.  I didn't even have a fabric marker on hand and was trying to just wing it.  Yeah... not so smart.

Number 2: pin pin pin with every pin you own then go borrow more pins (exaggeration for effect! hehe)  The layers shifted horribly on me and I was sewing in folds and tucks. Not good. So to avoid this problem further...

Number 3:  Begin quilting in the middle. Not at the corner. umm.. duh? This one never occurred to me and I had to look silly in front of the lady at the quilt shop.

and finally, Number 4: mark your lines with a ruler and a washable fabric pen.  I don't know what I was thinking. lol

Final pictures should be soon - I just have to cut the binding and get that on! YAY!

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  1. It's looking beautiful, I can't wait to see the finished effect.

  2. so pretty - I love it! Sorry to hear the quilting step was giving you techniques can be stressful =\

  3. Keep teaching & helping others..this is a lost art, to crochet, quilt, sew, & knit..good for u, girl..we're never too old to learn..I took quilting classes at the young age of 65..M

  4. Oh, it is so pretty!! Of course quilting got in the way of your knitting...silly girl. Why wouldn't it?? Just kidding. I admire you for being versatile...unlike me...stuck in my quilting rut!

  5. Quilting is hard. I admire those of you are brave enough to stick with it!