Tuesday, June 7, 2011

{Fiori Di Sole is BLOCKED!}

Fiori Di Sole by Rosemary Hill

Just so you know... this is going to be an image heavy post.  I'm probably more proud of this shawl than anything I have ever knit.  Ever. 10 charts in total, and 5 repeats of chart E (the main body leafy one.)  I chose to block the edge in to points instead of doing the crochet bind off, and I really like it.  Just a touch less froo-froo than the lacy edging the pattern calls for.

to get an idea of size

 Isn't the colour gorgeous? and that edge... to die for!

casually tossed around my neck

around my shoulders and tied in the back
(please don't ask what face I'm making. I can't tell ya)

And it's all for me! me! Muwahahahahaha!


  1. Gorgeous! Great work :-)


  2. Amazing S! Really brilliant :-) Such a labour of love!

  3. You're right to be proud of your work -- it's gorgeous! :-)

  4. It's beautiful! Love that color.

  5. Very, very nice! It looks great on you. You should be very proud of this project.

  6. You should be proud. That is one drop-dead gorgeous shawl. And 10 charts? I can't imagine. I am completely awed!

  7. Wow, that is beautiful! What an amazing job.

  8. Beautiful, its lovely! The yarn is such a great color for it too!

  9. Good work! I've been bitten pretty hard by the lace shawl bug as well, just finished a stole (not blocked yet) & started Wendy Johnson's Seriously Simple Shawl - in two colors. AND I bought Romi's 7 Shawls e-book. (help me...)