Sunday, November 28, 2010

{New House Socks)

I finished some big comfy house socks!!

The pattern I really only used the charts as a inspiration.  It's the log cabin socks from the book Handknit Holidays.  The pattern is the written for top down with a beautiful complicated heel flap.  I however decided to do them my normal toe up way and just put a short row heel in for simplicity.  They're very functional!

The yarn is Kampes, which is a Swedish yarn that my friend Jenny from Jenny's Blog on Knitting gave me as part of a birthday package.  It wasn't the most pleasant to knit with because it's pretty scratchy, but let me tell you... it makes some WARM socks!  You see here that I didn't make them overly tall and I'm wearing socks underneath so the yarn isn't against the skin.

So YAY!  Now... what to cast on next? I think it's going to be in the softest yarn I own. hehe


  1. House socks are fun to knit. Fast and when you are done, you get warm feet :-)

  2. Those look so comfy...I want some...