Saturday, November 20, 2010

{FO As Promised}

Hellooo!  I've had one crazy week, let me tell you.  Crazy ups and downs!  I'm glad to be off of classes for the week of thanksgiving, and not so glad that I have a whole bunch of homework to do during that time.  But that's okay! Only two weeks left once I get back!

Since knitting kept me from crying too much, or killing a person, I did a lot of it last week.  I'm not quite sure of the results.   Normally this is where I would warn the recipient of this gift to click away, but since the recipient is only a year old and can't read yet, I have nothing to worry about! :P

I present to you: Alora's Sweater.

This is the one I did out of Vanna's Choice, so it's SUPER thick.  Mr. Pie jokingly referred to it as "Baby Body Armor" and I can't say that I totally disagree with him!  The shoulders have come out kind of funny but I won't really know how funny until she tries it on. So I hope that works out well! :D

AND this marks the official end to my Christmas Knitting List 2010!  Everyone is getting something knitted this year (pretty much everyone) and this week I will be wrapping and packing so that the packages can all make their way out by December 1st to beat the shipping craze! YAY!!


  1. That is so beautiful!!!! How long did it take you to make it approx? Inspired to make one for my daughter. I am hugely impressed that you completed your gifts while in school!! I would have so flunked out;).

  2. Done already! Wow, you are really on top of your game! You deserve a nice rest now :)

  3. What a beautiful little sweater! You are such a generous knitter -- so many gifts!

  4. Those cables are so cozy to wear. I'm sure the shape will be fine once it's on.

  5. Good for you for getting the Christmas knitting done already! I'm impressed!