Monday, November 22, 2010

{Another Knitting Attack}

Maybe I could make When Knitting Attacks a weekly segment, just like on the Knitmore Girls podcast? lol

This one is kinda serious though.  I decided I wanted another pair of socks out of my pink yarn I got for my birthday.  This time in cables instead of lace!   I knit one whole sock from the toe up, turned the heel and knit the heel flap and then put the sock on some holders.  I cast on the other sock from the outside of the ball and knit along thinking that at the end I would knit a row on each until I had used the whole ball! Two equal socks! Brilliant, right?


I ran out of yarn during the gusset of the second sock.  These will probably wait until I can order a second skein of the yarn from  *sigh*

Now I have to figure out what to cast on next!


  1. Drat! I hate it when that happens!

  2. I get anxious when I run out of yarn for a project. I'm afraid I won't be able to get another ball in the same colorway at my LYS! Of course, this hasn't happened yet...

  3. I'm always terrified that I'll run out of yarn. And then it happened -- 4 rows from the end of the sweater. SO annoying. And, not the end of the world, for sure. On the plus side -- the socks are lovely!

  4. Your knitting energy is just amazing.

    I agonize over running out of yarn, and tend to overbuy, which causes storage problems.

    The socks are cute. You should get some more yarn soon!