Tuesday, November 30, 2010

{More Decorating}

I really liked my fall table top display.  The sideboard in the dining room is the only flat surface in the house that isn't totally functional, so I feel like I can go a little crazy with the decorating there.

Here's how I've changed it up for winter:

It's a little different from last year's when we exclusively used the miniatures.  The books that were part of my fall mantle have been wrapped up in the red plaid fabric, and of course you get to see my wreath transformation too!  I really like how it looks all lit up. :)

I'll probably fuss with it a bit in the coming weeks.  Lower the wreath I think, and I want something with more pizazz over on the right instead of those little candles and the extra lantern, but they'll do for now.

Here's a few more closeups:

How is your holiday decorating coming along? :)


  1. I put some dreidel lights up, but that's about all.

    My MIL has a whole villiage -- maybe a whole county! -- of miniatures that take over every flat surface in her house. It is very charming and fun!