Friday, November 26, 2010

{The First Christmas Decorations}

I went to the dollar store today and bought a few things to do the first of the Christmas decorating.  My fall wreath was pretty, but it was time to move in to the new festive season!

I spent $4 this morning to change out my wreath!  Here's what it looks like:

The supplies you'll need to do something like this are...

- A Grape vine wreath
- some $1 stems of holly and $1 stems of white flowers (I only needed 3 stems total for my little wreath, but you may need more).
- a $1 roll of red velvet ribbon
- glue
- wire cutters
(ignore the tape, I didn't end up needing it!)

Step 1:
  (Don't forget to attach your preferred method to hang before you get started!)
Don't forget to attach your preferred method to hang before you get started!I started by wrapping my grape vine wreath in the red ribbon in a kind of candy cane pattern, leaving some spaces blank. 

I finished this off by gluing the ends of the ribbon together behind the wreath.

Step 2:
Cut all your holly off the stems using the wire cutters and leave two inches or so of the stem.

Step 3:
 Push all of the individual pieces of holly through the back of the wreath at the bare spots between the ribbon and bend the stem behind. I don't like to use glue for this because I want to be able to disassemble it and use the wreath again.

 For the three white flowers I just bent the stems and hooked them over the back of the wreath, layering on top of the holly.  So really they're just kinda hanging there.  Shh! You won't tell anyone, will ya?

Step 4:
 Hang it up.  I used a bit of twine for this, but you could of course use more ribbon or a hook.  Take a step back and admire your work!

This weekend will be more decorating around the house so I'll show you how it fits in to the overall scheme of the dining room as soon as the rest of it is done. :)

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