Thursday, August 12, 2010

{Photos From Vacation}

It's a kind of tradition in my family that when we're all together that we sit for professional portraits.  Always from Sears.  And I have nothing against Sears Portrait Studio, you understand, except the predictability combined with the outrageous cost of prints.  This time I nudged not too gentry to try out an independent photographer who could do outside photos for us in a more natural setting.

Enter Tiffany - the answer to all my prayers!  She's at and I loved her photos right from the get go!  I also LOVED that we got all the reproduction rights ALL the photographs!  She even got us some previews within the week!!

Dad has a great park right accross the street from his condo that we opted to do the photos at.  The weather was really overcast, and even a little drippy, but it worked out great!  In the main photograph above (bottom left) is all of us.  From the top: Kerry (with Alora in his arms), Melissa my Sister, James my brother, Me, and Mr. Pie. across the bottom: Ashley, Gina, Jim my dad (in the middle), Marni-Lynne my half-sister and her boy James.

I just love all these shots!!  The one of all the boys cracks me up, and I ADORE the one of dad with the Grandkids!!

some more preview shots.  I love the black and white!

And then, low and behold a few days later... I got THIS in my email!

Mr. Pie and I smooching!!

Tiffany truly was AMAZING to work with and she was a natural with Alora and the other kids.  She felt immediately like someone I want to be friends with when I move back to town.  A totally cool chick, but also super professional and super talented.  We got SO much more then we expected, and we haven't even seen all the final photos yet!  I can't WAIT to get my disk in the mail!

If you're in the lower mainland and want some photos... or geez, in the Pacific Northwest at all (Or not!!) I would totally recommend Tiffany for any kinds of photos you need taken!


  1. Those are truly lovely photos. what a great memory to have.

  2. Awesome photos! Glad to see you guys found a good photographer up there :)

  3. Wow....:) Sarah you and your family are wonderful! I enjoyed very much getting to know you all, and look forward to seeing you all agin!
    Thank You

  4. Soooooo much nicer than Sears. Your entire family will be happy with these in all the years to come. Good nudging on your part. :-)


  5. What a lovely way to spend time with family - a family photo. I wish I had done one before my brother died but I do have one of he and I and our dad. I treasure it.