Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Every week on my blog roll  without fail I always find Tuesday Tutorials from Hope Studios.  I always enjoy doing a quick run through to see what people have posted and usually there will be a post or two that catches my eye.

This week my jaw frickin' HIT THE GROUND when I saw Waterstone Jewelry's tutorial on how to make a recycled leather handbag!

Oh my god, I about died of a heart attack! I LOVE this bag!  It combines so many of the elements I love! Reusing/recycling quality materials has become kind of an obsession for me when I'm looking for great stuff to buy.  I love the simple, elegant, crafty whimsy of the applied flowers, ALSO in leather, are BRILLIANT! I love the handle, the fabric lining. Just everything.  So of course, I clicked over to her Etsy store.

I found so much recycled hand crafted goodness!  Num num num.

In Lori, I have found an etsy seller who's style is EXACTLY the same as mine.  This has never happened before where I would literally buy anything she makes!  AND the prices are super reasonable. You should totally go check her out! The store is called Waterstone and it's at http://www.etsy.com/shop/WaterstoneJewelry

I just HAD to share! I know you understand. ;)  Is it too early to start making my Christmas List?

ps - thank you for your help with my blog buttons, Lori! :)


  1. That bag is goregous!!! I can see why you love it...

    I want one too! :)

  2. You are one heck of a sweetie. Thank you so much for the sweet post. I am truly honored.

    You're very welcome on the blog buttons.