Saturday, August 14, 2010

{On The Needles}

Have you been wondering if I've really been knitting lately? hehe  Thought I'd give you a quick update!

Here's the very beginning of the first panel of my Nympheas in Baby Cashmerino. YUM.  I lerve knitting with this stuff.  It did great on the plane and in the car because it's super easy to memorize the pattern. This is one whole ball completed and I have yet to ball up the next one so I can keep going. 

Of course, the instant I got home from vacation I had to revise my Christmas Knitting list, so the cute sweater for me will have to wait.  Today I cast on for some flip top mittens in Knit Picks Wool of the Andes for my brother in law.   More on those once I have something substantial to show you.

And I've also cast on and completed a Ribbed Lace Bolero as a thank you gift to my next door neighbor for taking care of Popeye while we were gone.  She didn't want money but when I asked her if there was something I could knit her instead she didn't hesitate before she said "SHRUG!" hehe  I brought it to her tonight and she loves it, but she was in no condition to take a picture, she said. I'll snap a shot tomorrow for you guys of the fo.

I'm kind of scared of my Christmas knitting list at the moment and I really want to make more headway on it before School starts in TWO WEEKS.  Two weeks!  I have my textbooks ordered and tonight I'm going to place an order for my organizer.  Can't live without one of those.  So overall, I'm about ready to head back to school.  I can't believe it's right around the corner.


  1. I really should get on my christmas knitting, but it's Florida and I don't know what to do for people.

    I have yet to knit with cashmerino. Is it worth the hype?

  2. Oh, back to school.I love getting school supplies - even though it has been years since I've been a student. Enjoy your last two weeks of freedom!
    As for Christmas knitting - if other things (baby showers, b-day presents) didn't keep popping up, I would get some headway on my Christmas knitting too. Oh well

  3. Hahahaha, Christmas knitting already! I'm still too new of a knitter to go for such an undertaking, but maybe some day there will be one Christmas when EVERYONE gets something knitted, even if it takes me 2 years to prepare :D

  4. I cannot imagine knitting in the 90 degree heat we've been having! Can't believe school is almost ready to begin again!

  5. Man, I have not gotten a list of books yet, have no clue what yarn to use or what pattern for any of the projects on my christmas list.. I envy you. Please feel acomplished!

  6. You really make me want to learn how to knit! Because you inspire me, I'm giving you the Versatile Blogger Award. Stop by and grab
    your button. Happy Tuesday! :o)