Saturday, April 17, 2010

{My First Estate Sale!}

Today I had my first experience at an Estate Sale!  There isn't much we need right now so Mr. Pie and I were just wondering through because it was a nice day and we wanted to be out of the house.

I did find something I am VERY excited to show you, though!!  Blog Friends, please meet my new awesome box:

Isn't he cool?  It definitely needs cleaned up, but it's just busting with character!  It was originally shipped with beeswax candles in it, according to the shipping label on the side.

And the coolest thing in my book is that it was shipped so long ago that there is no zip code on the mailing address, and street address is kinda well... secondary. 

All this character for $2 - it was a total steal.  I also picked up  an old wooden picture frame for another $1. Not sure where he's going yet, but it's cute. Probably will be painted or stained.

I'm sure I'll be able to overcome the weird creepy feeling of walking in to a house to browse through all the worldly possessions of a dead person if it means some more cute stuff for pocket change. lol   Maybe this because I'm a huge newbie at Estate sales, but most of the stuff in the house was marked at prices I thought were pretty high (as opposed to my finds, which were in the garage and had no tag).   Like, cute tables that I would think to see at yard sales for maybe $20 were marked $140 and framed pictures of old trains were $250.  Is this strange for this kind of sale?  We live in a tiny town, which isn't even a town anymore since it was absorbed in the County, and it's very very low on the economic totempole.  Who do they think is buying this?  Seemed weird to me... but what do I know? :)


  1. Love your old box....I've been to one estate sale and it WAS weird walking through someone's house. THe items were either SOLD or too high for me, though. But my husband found some tools.

  2. That box is gorgeous - I love bits like that, I'd fill the house with them if my OH would let me! I don't think we get estate sales in the UK, or at least I've never seen one - we have house clearance companies that sometimes sell bits on in second-hand shops - I'd love to go to one!

  3. lol at overcoming! Great box. The prices do sound high. Unless those train pics were taken by Winston O. Link, then I can't imagine anyone paying that.