Wednesday, April 7, 2010

{I Am Obsessed.}

So I've got all this BEAUTIFUL new yarn, and I've been absolutely paralyzed trying to pick a project to start.  And surprisingly, my problem is not that I have so many things I want to start on that I can't decide, it's that I can't find ONE single pattern that just calls to me to knit it right this second.

Here's my deal:  The yarn is just soooooo beautiful that I'm scared if I cast on the wrong project that I'll ruin it and my life as a knitter will be over. (yes, it sounds that dramatic in my head, too. lol)  The yarns are mostly merino wool, some alpaca and silk blended in, and all fairly light weight compared what I normally buy.  I've got some lace, some fingering and a little bit of sport weight.  So what does one knit with these? Well.. sweaters, socks, hats, gloves, shawls ... these all sound lovely, right? Except it's freaking 90 degrees outside right now!  I'm definitely not wearing hats, gloves, sweater, or even socks, and for some reason the shawls haven't called to me.  I really need to find a lace pattern that draws me in to want to knit it, I guess.  I still haven't knit one row lace, either, just two row (with the purl row in between.  the other kind scares me.)

I've been inspired to knit pretty lacy summery tops that almost all call for cotton or hemp or bamboo and are almost entirely dk weight or above.  What's up with this?  Please, by no stretch of the imagination am I complaining!  I value this stuff so much that I went and bought a brand new tupperware to keep it safe and cozy!  It's just... what's a girl to do? 

So I guess what I'm hoping is that my more experienced knitting friends will assure me that knitting a tank top in merino wool, even when it calls for cotton, will not mean that I'm going to sweat my myself out of it.  Do you think that would work? will it drape right?  Am I missing something all together?


  1. Knitting a summer tank top with merino is probably not the best idea unless it is an open lacey stitch in fingering weight yarn.

    I would use one of the lighter weight yarns to make a cardigan. Your could use the Mal to make something like the Featherweight Cardigan.

  2. You know I'm not an experienced knitter, but I know what you mean about casting on and really certain about it. I can't wait to see what you do because I'm really interested in other's comments about this, like AndiPants.

  3. I wish I could help. I'm terrible about making knit decisions. I will tell you this, though...I am notorious for casting on, frogging then casting on, then frogging. Then doing it all over again. I haven't messed up any yarn yet. (Albeit, I mainly knit with smooth,work-horse yarns, not chenille, angora or other more delicate yarns.)

  4. I was also going to suggest the Featherweight Cardigan or the Whisper Cardigan. Each one uses about 2-3 skeins of the Mal Lace, and you could use the rest for a big shawl.

    I have knit two shawls out of Pagewood Farm Yukon, and I hope to wear them now and maybe even in the summer, on a cool night. It drapes nicely and the colors blend without being stripey. I don't use alpaca because I'm allergic to it but I've heard it's very very warm.

    If you can't decide what to knit right now, you can look at projects on Ravelry, get ideas and decide later. Whatever projects you choose, enjoy them and have fun!!! That's some lovely yarn you've got there! :)

  5. i know exactly what you mean. i just got some Mal lace in a swap and i don't even want to unskein it until i know exactly what i'll be doing with it.

    at least i finally know what all the fuss is about. that Mal lace is probably the softest yarn i've ever felt

  6. I love the dramatics of the end of the world if you start the wrong project :) It really does feel that way in our heads, doesn't it? Men would never understand!

  7. Very impressed with you skills. I can barely sew a button!

  8. I hatehatehate decision making :[ But I have faith that you'll make the right one! Just don't start anything you feel really unsure about. :]

  9. Yeah, you probably shouldn't try any full garment like a top or cardigan or anything like that in those yarns if you plan to wear them in the spring/summer. I'd say make something really complex and cool to wear starting in the fall, or make a merino cardigan with an open lacey stitch. That shouldn't be too hot, but merinos are quite warm. However, they feel amazing.
    And remember, don't be afraid to knit something bad in an expensive yarn--they're meant to be used and you might as well just try something!! If you mess it up, you can always frog it and start over. No one says you can't. :-)
    Good luck!